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10-10-2003, 03:56
i've been posting on this forum for some time but not in the astrology section. i met someone in another section that got me to thinking about astrology, and they told me where the planets were on my chart according to my b-day. as i read other threads on this site, i see alot of talk about houses. if i have the list of planets on my chart, how do i figure out the houses? also - where on the web can i get information as to what the planets actually mean in respect to the signs? for instance, my moon is in sagitarruius and i'm a leo. are there any sites that would give me information on this sort of thing? thanks alot!!! and i'm sorry if i sound uninformed - i don't want to waste anyone's time - but i have learned so much on this forum, i thought i'd try learning about astrology too!! thanks alot!

10-10-2003, 04:21

There are 12 Houses in Astrology and they roughly deal with 12 general areas of Life. Planets in Houses are thought to direct most of their energies to that particular area of your life - so if you have Mars in the tenth House covering careers you will probably be quite assertive in your career.

There are unfortunately a number of systems for establishing the Houses. Virtually all are based on your Ascendant sign. The two easiest are to use the very ancient system of whole sign houses, so if Aries was rising when you were born then your first House is Aries. The other is the Equal House System which simply finds the degree of the Ascendant and divides the natal chart into 12 equal segments of 30 degrees, starting from the Ascendant degree.

There are a number of web sites that will do a chart for you if you can give the basic details of date and time of birth and place of birth - you need all three.


is one that a lot of people use - they will give you an interpretation as well. They will also give you a chart wheel showing the houses and planets.


Has a wealth of information from the basic to the really advanced which you can use if you want to do a DIY chart interpretation.

Alternatively you could post your natal details here and give some of our budding Astrologers chance to give you an interpretation. So - time of birth in hours and minutes - make it clear whether it is AM or PM; the date of birth dd/mm/yy and the place of birth.

isthmus nekoi
10-10-2003, 08:48
For some practical application, we have also covered the houses in our study group. The headings are signs, but the correlating houses are also discussed...

10-10-2003, 21:22
Miderwitz, sorry i'm not sure if that's the correct spelling and i can't see your name on this screen - anyhow - thank you for the information. yesterday i went on astro.com and i was able to get a chart, AND an interpretation which was really accurate. I also was able to get a forcast for the next few months which seems to be right on track with what i'm going through now, so i'm really impressed! i admit that astrology is confusing to me though - there's alot to remember, and the planets and houses kinda make my head spin. but i was able to get a list of planets from a book i have, and their influences, and this way i can maybe understand my chart better, rather than depend on someone else's interpretation. i think trying to figure it out will prove to be educational, and fun! anyway - if you wanna give it a shot - i was born august 2, 1971, at 9am, in boston, ma. i know that i'm a leo, have a moon in sagittarius, and i believe my asc is virgo. i don't have it in front of me now - so i can't remember all of it. when i saw the chart though, it did appear that most of the 'stuff' was happening on one side, the other side of the chart seemed pretty empty. ? thanks alot for the info guys!

isthmus nekoi
11-10-2003, 02:44
Hey there, if you are interested in learning astrology on your own, do check out the beginners section of the resources thread.


There are also a few websites listed there that you may find helpful.