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14-10-2003, 21:10
This thread arises out of considerations which Holmes brought in the thread Decanates in the tarot minors (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&postid=193233#post193233), though I would think that here the discussion will proceed without reference to Tarot...

I find it interesting that the planet Mars was at times connected to Horus, Osiris's avenger.

Mars is typically described as a malefic, a god of war, a wilful adolescent male. Combined with the impulsive Arian quality, this tends to make for characteristics which tend to be quite self-assertive.

Yet, at another level, Mars also reflects an aspect of the self which is quite compassionate and seeks to accept change (as long as there is change, and no stagnation!), and Aries, in Anthroposophical literature, is connected to the ability to sense into another human being - to recognise and meet them.

As I'm certain Minderwiz and others will contribute depth of insights here, I'll leave it here and await reading responses :)

14-10-2003, 22:49

I'm just off to work but noticed your post and thought I'd put in a first and relatively low level response.

Astrology, like society, seems to take some contradictory views of Mars and martial activities.

The first view is, what I would call the dignified view, Mars the warrior who fights by a warrior code - rather like the Samurai, or the Code of Chivalry or the Spartan code. Mars here is considerate and caring to the weak, does good and does not harm the innocent - Mars in this reading is not malevolent.

The second approach is the malefic one, the almost out of control anger and agression shown to all who get in the way - the weak go to the wall first and the end justifies the means.

Traditional Astrologers have tried to distinguish the two on the basis of essential (and indeed accidental dignity), however, as with society Astrology has found it difficult to separate the two.

Thus Lilly still allows a dignified Mars to be subject to no reason, immovable, contentious, hazarding himself to all perils, willingly will obey nobody nor submit to any......yet of prudent behaviour in his own affairs'

A debilitated Mars is 'without honesty, a lover of slaughter and quarrels, murder, theivery and a promoter of sedition...a traitor, turbulent spirit, rash, inhumane, neither fearing God or caring for man.'

Thus Mars can rule the Physician and the General as well as the Gambler, Theif or Butcher.

isthmus nekoi
15-10-2003, 01:31
Mars represents action, and if we are to go by the correlation b/w inertia to peace, perfection, the status quo etc, then action would become related to strife, war and change. But really, I think the key element is that of dynamism, movement and friction which could be good or bad depending on where you stand.

15-10-2003, 07:46
Taking up jmd's point about Mars' comapssionate and sensitive side - a reminder that Mars also rules Scorpio, a Water sign, so feelings and sensitivity are there.

I looked at Mars rather tongue in cheek in the thread


however the ancients did apparantly award the rulership to cool Mars down and offset his natural aggesive tendencies. He also rules the Water triplicity by both day and night. Indeed he has more essential dignity in the first six degrees of Scorpio than anywhere in Aries - ruling by Sign, Triplicity and Terms and Face - as far as I can see no other planet achieves so much essential dignity simultaneously in one sign - Mars the gentle knight ?