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17-10-2003, 22:22
When Yaboot was doing the Phantasmagoric Theater study group, he began each thread title with the date and, since he is from England, put the day first and the month second. When he left, I took over doing a lot of the posts and tried to keep to that tradition, but 42 years of conditioning to put the month first and the day second caught up with me. On the 14/10 post I put 10/14; I tried to edit it and the date in my post changed, but the thread title did not. Is there a way to edit the thread title?

17-10-2003, 22:24
I believe it must be edited by the relevant moderator.

17-10-2003, 23:05
Hi Galadrial,
I can't help you with being able to edit the date but I certainly understand the confusion over which is the month and which is the day. I have taken online class from different countries and have found out that you can't take anything for granted. I also work on my family tree and dates are very important to record correctly. I have started using the day number and the three letter abbreviation for the month. In genealogy it is important to give all four digits for the year (17 Oct 2003) but if everyone know what year you are talking about, just the day and month is fine.

18-10-2003, 03:10
Thanks. I've PM'd Maan (one of the Phantas. moderators) about it.