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isthmus nekoi
21-10-2003, 10:35
Question to the floor:

what is your experience w/orbs? How tight/loose do you accept them in interpretations and how do you use them in terms of timing predictions?

As for myself, in chart interpretations, I prefer to focus on orbs up to 4 degrees and then a max of 8 degrees as a rule of thumb.

Then I include general 'strength' of planets, sign/house placement, dignities (by sign), and depositors into the mix and make allowances. For example, a wide Mars-Pluto aspect over 8 degrees will be given greater consideration if they are in mutual reception.... Then I take progressed planets into consideration. If an aspect is very wide, but one of the progressed planets is slowly moving to an exact aspect, I will place more importance on the original aspect.

As for timing, I don't think I have enough experience to be specific. So I generally allow for 2-3 degrees.

23-10-2003, 06:40
I'm not sure I'm systematic enough to reply!

I tend to use the orbs I inherited from my reading and courses plus the settings on my computer program, which tend to work by default because I'm too lazy to really go through them and check.

There are a number of systematic approaches but none of them seems to be consistently used these days. I think you end up using what you feel comfortable with. I also think you will end up breaking your own rules anyway simply because the chart 'suggests' that a wider or narrower orb should be used.

By timings, if you are referring to transits or progressions then I think the orb becomes a 'time interval' around the event. Thus the transits and progressions of the outer planets could be given less orb of arc because the move at a slower pace.

Timings in horary become complex because it's not just the degree of arc that matters but also the nature of the sign the planets are in.

26-10-2003, 13:46
For NATAL charts I use a generous orb for Conjunctions; 8 degrees generally, maybe 10 or 12 for Sun and Moon if they are angular. For oppositions I cut that by a third, about 5 degrees. (At this point we have halved the circle, so why not cut the orb?) For trines and squares I apply a 3 to 4 degree orb. For Sextiles and semi-squares (also 135 degree aspects) I go no further than 2 degrees. One degree for quincunxes (150 degrees).

For TRANSITS I use much tighter orbs, maybe 3 degrees tops for starting/losing any influence or pressure, 1/2 degree as a trigger orb. Again, I stretch these orbs a little for Sun and Moon.

For MID-POINT analysis I use really tight orbs -- 1 degree for everything natal, 1/2 degree for transits.

Good luck finding your solution. Dave.