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Thea Lynx
17-11-2003, 02:09
Well, I've followed all the process for downloading MIRC, and I've tried to get into chat thru this site and all I ever get is a message telling me I can't connect to the server. One of the main reasons I became a subscriber was to be able to chat. I'm not very cyberliterate and found the instructions very hard to follow and unfriendly. When I'm in this site and try to sign in via my web browser I get the security screen, check OK to download whatever the applet is that is needed and just hit a stone wall. Is there any way to do this that actually works?


Thea Lynx

17-11-2003, 06:25
don't get too frustrated.......I can't always get in either.
I don't know much about how computers do what they do or how the whole net thing works.....I just have fun when I do get in.
There was some trouble with chat in the past, so perhaps there are a few more wrinkles that need ironing out.

Thea Lynx
18-11-2003, 22:24
Hi Luna

Well I did keep trying and this morning I got right in! - Unfortunately there was no one else there, but I have to leave for work in a couple minutes anyhow. Glad I took your advice and persisted. Hopefully next time I'll run into some more folks.


19-11-2003, 01:47
chat did have a few problems-
you checked in after the "repairs"
you should have no trouble now