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Indigo Rose
18-11-2003, 01:20
I have a Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon opposition in my natal chart. I am wondering does anyone else here have a Sun/Moon opposition and could you share your personal experiences with this energy?I am trying to build my understanding of how this energy can be maximized in one's life to bring about the best outcomes.

18-11-2003, 07:31
The Sun / Moon Opposition indicates that you were born at or near the Full Moon. The modern psychological approach would seen this as a conflict between your creative will - your conscious and your emotions, feelings and need to nurture or be nurtured. The Sun is outgoing and active, the Moon passive and receptive.

On this basis the Full Moon person has difficulty Focusing and can be indecisive. On a more positive level Full Moon types are seen as being more self aware and more objective than those born at a New Moon - they are a more rounded individual.

Much would also depend on which Houses the opposition lay in, as it would give some indication of the areas of life in which the opposition tended to manifest.

Traditionally Pisces is not a strong placement for the Sun, whereas the Moon may (depending on whether it is a day or night birth) have some strength in Virgo. All other things being equal (which they never are :) ) the Moon should be a little more dominant in your personality than the Sun.

Indigo Rose
18-11-2003, 15:22
Interesting Minderwiz. I do tend to be more Virgoan in ways, yet that Pisces dreamer never gives up. My Pisces Sun sits in the 10th house, opposed to my 4th house Virgo moon. I as I understand it there is a constant battle between outward ambition, and homeward life. On a truly personal level, I do struggle with this. I love to be a homebody and be with my family, and it is paramount that my homelife be good for me to succeed out in the "real" world. Yet, I NEED to be OUT there connecting with that world and impacting it is some way. I often have those big Pisces Dreams of reaching people on a larger scale.
Thanks for your input.

18-11-2003, 22:35
The Moon also shows where and how you establish your own feelings of personal security and where you feel comfortable.

In your case home provides that feeling of being secure and comfortable (in the sense of not feeling threatened). Your Virgo side is likely to predominate in the home (assuming also that Virgo is on the IC) but your Sun does need an outlet for and that is through career, or social status, or even is related to your mother (the tenth being the House of the mother).

Pisces is a more social (or societal) sign that Virgo, indeed it has some spiritual or transcendental connections - its ruler Jupiter (Pluvius) being one expression of the supreme deity. So the home is not enough for you - there is that world out there and something greater beyond that.

Indigo Rose
19-11-2003, 00:17
It is funny because I see how I followed my mother to a certain degree in my career choice.