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21-11-2003, 06:59
The New Moon occurs in Sagittarius on the 23rd / 24th of this month, at 23:00 GMT, with Sun and Moon at 1 degree 14 minutes. This time the New Moon causes a total eclipse of the Sun. The path of the total eclipse is from the Indian Ocean over to Antarctica but much of Australia and New Zealand will enjoy a partial eclipse, The eclipse itself will reach totality at 22:50:20 GMT. As with all eclipses the Moon must be very near one or other of its Nodes. In this case it is the South Node, at 20 degrees 29 minutes of Scorpio.

Astrologically New Moons begin fresh cycles – a time to begin fresh things. A Solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new major cycle – arguably one that will last till the next Solar eclipse or even beyond. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion. Jupiter also rules philosophy, religion, higher education and foreign travel. So the New Moon, a period when it is fitting to start new ideas, look at new philosophies, ask philosophical questions, such as ‘what is the purpose of life?’ and to begin a new quest for the answers. The New Moon is squared by Uranus, suggesting that there may be some tensions from an attempt to introduce new thinking, new ideas, or to express things in an individual way. Sun / Uranus is often seen as a symbol of the radical or reformer but the square can bring stubbornness and a reluctance to change even though that change is desired, which in turn can lead to a sort of nervous tension both in the individual at the level communities. The Sun has some essential dignity being the Fire Triplicity ruler by day and although for me the New Moon occurs by night, elsewhere in the world the Sun will be shining – and the eclipse will be seen. Alternatively the square may indicate that new thinking must make an effort to overcome old inertia.

As well as the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are also there. So for good or ill this stellium of planets will be doing things in a big way. Mercury is conjunct with Pluto which in turn is in a rather loose conjunction with Venus. This can therefore be stretched into a three planet conjunction. A time for Powerful messages and intense thinking, powerful relationships and loves, but on the darker side this conjunction of Pluto and Mercury can represent secret information, the poison pen and a sabotage of communication. Hopefully the presence of Venus will emphasise beauty and peace and the result will be powerful thoughts about how we bring peace to the world. Certainly this solar eclipse heavily emphasises the philosophy and meaning of life.

Pluto and Mercury form the apex of a T Square with Jupiter in Virgo opposed to Mars in Pisces. Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception and though these planets do not particularly get on well together – both are in Detriment - they will still provide some support for each other. T Squares in mutable signs tend to indicate healing and completion but they also represent forces that are often difficult to focus – the energies wish to disperse and scatter. This would suggest at a mundane level that societies need to redouble their efforts in trying to bring healing to those areas of the world that need it, otherwise the efforts may be scattered and little good done. The mid-point of the Mars / Jupiter opposition lies in Gemini and is of course opposed by Mercury. The opposition of Mars and Jupiter can suggests an urge to grow to fast or to assert oneself in too big a way leading to a large degree of anger. The solution lies in the Mercurial approach of thinking, questioning, and looking at as many options as possible. Interestingly for those who believe in karma, the mid point of Mars / Jupiter is also the mid point of Saturn and the North Node. The Lord of Karma and the tasks we have to accomplish in this life.

Again some limited support might come form Saturn, which trines Mars and Sextiles Jupiter – possibly providing the structure and framework for the energies to be directed. Saturn however is also in Detriment in Cancer.

Last and in this case least is Neptune in Aquarius, which makes no major aspect to any other planet at the New Moon, it is, though, Inconjuct Saturn and biquintile to Jupiter. The latter may well bring some fortune into the T Square the former may provide an irritating nebulous approach that Saturn cannot penetrate in its support for Jupiter and Mars.

23-11-2003, 17:23
Thanks Minderwiz,

As a Sagittarian, this directly affects me and I have already felt its influence in a favourable way.


25-11-2003, 07:43
If you can pin point any immediate effects, let us know. It's always worth having some sort of check on the extent to which eclipses have an influence.

25-11-2003, 20:36
Hi Minderwiz,

As you are aware I had some quite difficult experiences in October and November. Astrology has given me a useful way of understanding those but that discussion does not belong here. Suffice to say, I have passed through those experiences (and they were in various aspects of my life) in a really positive way. It is nice to emerge from this not long before such an auspicious event as a new Moon and a Solar Eclipse.

The Solar eclipse and the New Moon were welcome and good portents and gifted a certain happiness. I have felt a new energy, and optimism and health have picked up remarkably.

There is a new sense of spiritual energy as well. Transiting Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are in the 12th House with some lovely aspects so I am writing a lot and really enjoying it, and my work.

This seems to be an important time. Chiron is in the 1st House and Capricorn, positively aspected. In fact my chart shows many positive aspects at the moment. The interesting ones are the spiritual ones. Spiritual energy has to be enacted in the material plane, however, and I am doing this again now. There are many other good things happening in my chart at present.

Without boring everyone to tears, it is a very positive time and it is good to have the framework of astrology to understand it better. By the way, Minderwiz, I hope to commence my course at Canopus next year.

Namaste ~


25-11-2003, 22:03

Thanks for the post of the feelings that you have had during the New and Full Moons. Eclipses should have a much more prolonged effect than the 'ordinary' lunations - the represent the start (and finish) of major cycles. So let us hope that your new feelings of spiritual growth are indicators of the major cycle to come.

Good luck with the Canopus course and keep us informed about your experiences on it.