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26-11-2003, 22:07
I’ll post this in three main chunks – An overview of the Chart, the personal planets and angles and the remaining planets and the part of fortune.

Your element balance is primarily Fire though, taking your Ascendant and MC into consideration there is no single weakness in the other element. You are therefore likely to be an active person, one who initiates new activities or projects with relative ease. The main drawback to such an emphasis is a tendency to overdo things and at the extreme burn yourself out. Regular exercise and a good diet should help to provide the energy you need.

The modality balance shows a lack of ‘fixed’ signs, which can denote difficulties in seeing things through. You are good at starting things and you can be flexible in your approach but staying power is an issue. Looking at the House placements there is certainly room to compensate for this and it may well be something that you have developed over time or will develop over time as you reach maturity.

Most of your chart is concentrated in the Eastern hemisphere –You are self reliant, tend to initiate things rather than follow others and are generally active. You are also rather introverted – that is you draw your values from within your own psyche rather than generate your values out of your relationships with others.

Your chart is bowl shaped – all the planets lie within an arc of 180 degrees. This is often interpreted as producing a life of challenges and choices that have to be met. These challenges and choices are between your own self interest and the interest of others who you want to help.

The other noteworthy features of your chart are the virtually exact conjunction of Mercury and Venus a couple of degrees from your Ascendant – which will feature in the next post and the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on your IC. The latter will feature in the final post. Both these conjunctions are Angular and will play a significant part in your self expression.

28-11-2003, 02:24
Normally I would start by looking at Sun, Moon and Ascendant. In your case I’m going to take all five personal planets and the Ascendant in one go. This is because you have Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury (the Ascendant ruler) conjunct Venus, with both the latter on your Ascendant.

I’ll start out of order with the Ascendant. You have a Virgo Ascendant suggesting that you project the persona of someone good on details, a perfectionist in work – things have to be just right. Much energy will be devoted to getting things right – possibly to the detriment of personal health, Virgoes tend to suffer from worry related problems such as Migraines and stress or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You Focus on details and getting the detail right and this can lead to a tendency, when working with others, to badger or nag so that things come out right. In your case you were born during a Venus hour and both your hour ruler and Ascendant ruler are sat in the first house in Conjunction with the Ascendant.

Mercury and Venus conjunct tend to suggest the ability to communicate poetically, will a fine use of language. Physically you may well be a very graceful person – a beautiful mover with this placement in the first. Mercury in the sign of its own rulership and on the Ascendant is very strong. What is more it is also in exaltation in Virgo – so it has lots of essential and accidental dignity in your chart. In practice this means that your rational mind, your ability to communicate, your curiosity, and your ability to learn quickly will be your dominant characteristics. Indeed you will be almost vibrantly Mercurial – strong on analysis, strong on reason, strong on communication. Venus however is much weaker, it is Retrograde, traditionally sign of weakness and it is also in Fall in Virgo. The only thing going for it is that it does have some dignity by Terms – not good but better than nothing and Venus gains in Accidental Dignity by being Angular on the Ascendant. What you may therefore experience is that strong Mercury may overshadow weak Venus – this will not be an equal blend of energies. Nevertheless Venus will bring some grace to Mercury and some kindness and consideration and indeed some desire to use your Mercurial powers for good rather than your own self interest. You need to work on the Venus side of this conjunction to prevent it being overpowered.

The two planets are square by Uranus on the IC (cusp of the fourth). This suggests a strong streak of individualism in your personality – or at least people perceive it as such. An apparent liking for the unconventional way of expressing yourself, or unconventional relationships, flashes of inspiration and radical ideas. The problem with the square is that you can be perceived as being more interested in yourself than in partners or even being cold or disinterested. This is not true, there is strong sensitivity but the difficulty is in expressing it. This is an area you need to work on – especially with a relatively weak Venus.

The Sun is in Leo, again the sign of its rulership. This gives a strong streak of generosity and kindness to the way in which you behave. The Sun represents your individuality, your creativity and the way in which you express your will. This is likely to be on a rather theatrical level you like to be the centre of attention and praise but the Sun lies in your twelfth House, one of the weakest placements in a chart. A strong Sun needs an outlet for its creativity but the twelfth is not a particularly creative place. Traditionally it was linked to prisons, monasteries and convents, hospitals and secret enemies. It’s also seen as the House of self undoing. Indeed the Sun needs to be strong to be placed here. There are some positive sides to the placement though. It is associated with large animals, so cattle farming, ranching, looking after horses are all associated with this placement. Modern Astrologers also tend to stretch the ‘hidden’ side of the twelfth to include the veil between us and the divine. This placement therefore could well denote a desire to pass through the veil – to seek knowledge of the divine and to have a strong spiritual aspiration – one might see the link to the seclusion of monasteries and convents as an indicator of people who wish to turn to the divine rather than to the world. So for the modern, mysticism, service to others and an interest in psychology are all twelfth house issues.

The Sun forms on major aspect to any other planet though it is quintile to Pluto (also associated with the hidden and the depths of the unconscious) – you might make a career from an interest in psychology or something psychologically or psychically related. Indeed with Gemini on the MC (Career and social status) you might well have a career that in someway is concerned with communications about psychology, the psychic (possible mediumship) or the occult.

The Moon brings us to the third planet in the sign of its own rulership, in Cancer. The Moon here is an expression of emotions and feelings in a caring and nurturing way. It is in the eleventh House of friends and groups but also of hopes and aspirations. You may well tend to ‘mother’ your friends and when working with us may use this maternalism to ensure that what needs to be done does get done – the nagging or badgering of Mercury in Virgo becomes more a mothering process. Mars is conjunct the Moon and Mars too has some essential dignity in Water signs (it rules the Water triplicity). Moon / Mars tends to show quick nurturing responses to situations, a fierce protection of family (and friends) and a sensitivity to discord. As both planets are strong, the more negative expressions, emotional anger, emotional conflicts are less likely to occur or if they do are more likely to be controlled and focused on achieving the protection of those nearest and dearest. The Moon /Mars conjunction squares the Saturn / Pluto conjunction and here lies the main tension in your chart. I’ll look at that in my next post. The Moon and Mars also makes an out of sign trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius (trines should be between signs of the same element) – traditionally this would be ignored. If it is taken into account it would bring an expansiveness to your Moon / Mars expression – carried out on a big scale. It would also suggest that personal growth will also be achieved through the controlled and focussed expression of the Moon / Mars principles.

28-11-2003, 16:39
Sorry about the late response, I didn't realize you had made a new post...

You are truly amazing! Just about everything that I've read so far is true, and if it isn't I'm sure it's probably been changed due to my nurturing but still, that isn't much.

I am a perfectionist so much that I may never start a project due to the fact that I won't believe I can get every detail done right the first time. Though I do have a tendancy to criticize, most of it's on the inside, probably due to my mercury. Because instead of nagging I'd rather do it myself.

I do tend to speak poeticly, mostly with metaphores and analogies. I don't know how many times a counsler has toled me that I should take up a career in psychology, that's truly amazing I didn't know you could tell that from an astrology chart. Sometimes I wonder if I should have taken up a career in some kind of psychology, maybe there wouldn't be so many messed up teens ;) but part of me was worried that after all that brainwashing they would do during my "education" that I'd turn into just any old counsler and not really do anything differently (like all dreams start out). I believe that the career I'm going for will strengthin the sun in my 12th house. It's very creative and I'm hoping that one day I will be far enough into the learning that I might reach into the expressive side of my career.

I do have a very strong sense of looking past the veil and reaching for the divine. I've had that feeling for a while but I started to think that maybe it was because I was a teen....but now I'm starting in my 20's and I still feel that pull. Maybe it'll go away maybe not but it's certain that when I do have that tug there's also a strong sense of wanting to help people with my connection with the divine.

What else can I say?? I am very motherly towards everyone though sometimes I wish I could just crawl up into my dad or boyfriend's lap and try to get that protected feeling I had when I was a kid. But that's probably mostly from growing up, I can't really do that now (mostly because I don't fit on my dad's lap like I did when I was 7), now that I'm becoming a mature adult, or at least an adult anyways.. :D

Really this is an excellent reading! Thanks!

28-11-2003, 21:55
Thanks for the response, Celtic_Dragon.

On the career - psychology is definitely in the frame but if you have an interest in New Age things (which I assume you do, as a member of Aeclectic :) ) you should also consider other ways of delving into the depths of the unconscious - the obvious being Tarot reading, but other forms of divination would be equally valid.

I'll try and get the final part finished - though I am rather pressed at work at the moment, so it will probably be over the weekend.

30-11-2003, 03:08
Jupiter is the fourth planet in your chart to be in the sign of its own rulership – in Sagittarius. It is also in its own Terms, being at 1 degree 12 minutes. This gives it more essential dignity than the Sun and the Moon but slightly less than Mercury. It is also Angular being very near the cusp of the fourth House. So Jupiter is the second strongest planet in your chart after Mercury. Although technically in the third House, I would tend to treat is a fourth House, being less than two degrees from the IC (cusp of the fourth) and indeed it is the fourth House ruler. This would suggest that your personal growth and expansion tends to develop through your family, in the widest sense, including an increased knowledge of your family and its genealogy. Alternatively it can come from using your home as a retreat in which you can meditate, study and develop your philosophy of life or finally it could come through an attempt to reach into yourself and draw out your values, ideas, spiritual nature, in other words you will develop by learning more about your inner self. Jupiter’s rulership of the fourth definitely suggests that the home is a suitable environment in which to grow and develop your self.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, which is also angular and just inside the fourth House. This conjunction suggests that your personal growth path will be highly individual, possibly be related to New Age activities. It may well involve rebelling against the family values (one can learn through the family by rebelling against it) or by adopting highly individual family values. The link with Uranus may make you less likely to absorb values from others – you have your own unique viewpoint – and this may conflict a little with how you want to be seen by others or indeed add something of an unnecessary quirkiness because Uranus is in a loose square to your Mercury and Venus (which Jupiter is not). Jupiter also trines your Cancer Moon and Mars (though these trines are out of sign, so I don’t think they will produce quite the easy flow of growing through your feelings and indeed a need for faith, that an in sign trine would produce.

Uranus is retrograde and this weakens it somewhat. Weakness here is not so much a lack of power but a difficulty of maintaining focus, whilst you are trying to take things in and sort things out in your own mind. You might also find that the generally unpredictability of Uranus is heightened – thus sometimes the energy is high and flows well, other times things just won’t work out and you can never know which situation you are going to be in, unless you develop some strong routines and a strong framework.

Jupiter also rules Neptune in the fourth. Neptune is retrograde so like Uranus a little more unpredictable than usual. The down side here can be big but unrealistic dreams and expectations – probably linked to family and home. Possibly also linked to your own inner self – given the comments on Saturn below I would guess that you might want to run before you can walk when it comes to using the power of your Saturn/Pluto conjunction. This may create a sense of great anticipation, followed by big disappointment and the risk that you may give up trying. Neptune can indicate yourself as your own worst enemy.

The Second major feature of the outer planets is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra and also rules the Air Triplicity by day (and yours is a day birth). This gives Saturn slightly more essential dignity than the Moon and, taking into account the Sun’s weak placement in the twelfth perhaps as much or slightly more than the Sun. Saturn represents the principles of limitation, structure, construction, and fear. Pluto represents transformation, intensity, power, and the hidden and obsession. A Saturn/Pluto conjunction can therefore indicate a controlled use of power, controlled transformation or at a more negative way fear of authority, fear of power or a fear of losing control. My feeling is that the latter negative interpretations would be more likely if Saturn was weak or if the two were in Water signs rather than Air. This conjunction therefore gives some power and the ability to use it. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is square to the Moon/Mars conjunction, so if there is any block at all on the ability to use Saturn/Pluto it will come from your own feelings and emotions – you may feel that you can’t use the energy or try to hard to use it (Mars’ assertiveness) rather than proceeding at the pace of Saturn/Pluto – very slowly but inexorably.

Although Venus through Libra has rulership of the cusp of the second House, Saturn is actually the more dignified planet at the cusp. Using Saturn as your second House ruler and looking at a clear and constructive way to earn a living, rather than the more laid back Venus may well be profitable in the long run, though less enjoyable in the short run.

30-11-2003, 15:49
You know it's interesting to read the part about personal growth through family...especially the geneology because I found out not too long ago that both my father and grandfather worked in the computer industry. My father works for IBM and was hired on when IBM was a "safe" company in the late 70 - early 80's. Interesting that I find myself asfixiated with computers so much that I'm looking to have a career in it as well.

And thanks for explaining uranus, I've always thought that I probably should get into some kind of schedule or routine. I never thought that my lack of focus was linked to my birth chart.

I'm sorry about the short response but I'm not feeling very..positive...slightly drained too but I do appreciate the reading. It's very accurate and It's nice to know my good points...especially for days like this one... :D ;) Thanks again!

30-11-2003, 20:46
You are welcome !!!!!!!

And I hope you are soon feeling better :)