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03-12-2003, 12:49
I was given an astrology deck not to long ago and I am having some difficulty in grasping how to use them. Has anyone used a deck like this before? and can you help me figure it out?

blessed be,

03-12-2003, 13:16
Hi ..

Can you tell us more about the deck? It 's a bit hard to comment without knowing more.



03-12-2003, 19:56
There are two decks that I'm aware of:

The first is the Manadala Astrological Tarot by A.T. Mann - this deck uses square cards and allows lateral reversals as well as normal reversals in readings but otherwise follows the traditional Tarot line up.

The second is by Russell Grant and is an enlarged deck with addtional cards for all twelve signs, the planets and the elements.

Additionally there is the Moon Oracle deck, which I would not really describe as Astrological because it is restricted to Astrology relating to the Moon.

I have all of these decks, so I may be able to help if it is one of these.

Mystic Zyl
04-12-2003, 07:02
Wht is the name of the deck?

Astrology symbols on decks are great, but I do not always agree with the author on the placement of them. For instance there are some cards that have Swords with Earth sign on them. To me, Swords are Air signs. Lovers is Gemini to me, but other authors have it as Leo or other signs or planets. Just be careful what you learn off these decks, some may know the tarot but not astrology when they publish a deck.