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10-12-2003, 06:42
I have an abundance of hot, fiery energy (which unreleased can wreak havoc on the female body) and was told that wearing pearls would help cool me off or provide balance by absorbing some of that hot, fiery energy.

So, as an experiment I took some mother of pearls (in bracelet form) and placed them on my body near one of my minor chakara points in relation to my needs. Before I placed the pearls they were very white in color and extremely cool.

Well when I checked on them, they are now yellow with obvious iridescent spots and incredialby warm...it's appearance along with a few other observations on my part lets me know they are working :)

However, I am now curious...is there something I need to do to recharge the pearls or let them get back to their normal state...I hope you guys understand what it is that I am asking.


10-12-2003, 07:24
Miderwiz would probably be able to answer that question better than I, but Pearls and Mother of Pearl are two different things.
Pearls come from a piece of debris that gets caught inside a clam oyster of abalone. The debris irritates the creature with in the shell and so the creature starts to build up a deposit around the debris. Mother of Pearl is shell. I don't know from what specific creature, but it is very different than a pearl when looked at from a scientific stand piont. The metephysical uses are most likely very simular, for they both are products of the ocean. Water can be what your firey nature needs

10-12-2003, 14:34
Thanks for the reply lunalafey!

I was told that any type of pearl would do, including mother of pearl.

May I ask, when you say "Water can be what your firey nature needs", what exactly do you mean?

How would I go about executing that? Do I need to drink more water, take more/longer baths etc?

10-12-2003, 19:00
pearls and shells come from the ocean~full of water energy

11-12-2003, 00:58
Originally posted by lunalafey
pearls and shells come from the ocean~full of water energy

duhhh *smacks myself up side the forehead*lol

I see now, thanks :)

12-12-2003, 03:15
I think pearls have a lovely cooling effect. I think pearls would be better than mother of pearl. Maybe it's worth looking into, freshwater pearls are rather affordable.