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12-12-2003, 23:04
I recently bought a sort of large Labradorite pendant and was told it was used for protecting and balancing the chakras.

This past year I feel that I've been working through some blockages of the solar plexus chakra that have manifested in many ways ie. a rib cage and diaphragm injury, a peptic ulcer and acid reflux, repeated chest infections and the strange difficulty with lighting matches and candles, and the frustrating habit of accidentally breaking every single one of my votive candle holders! There have been other signs, too, that I needed to balance my "sun" energy.

My question is, does anybody think that this Labradorite would be helpful in rebalancing and protecting my chakras?

P.S. Many of the physical symptoms I've been having finally seemed to have calmed down and are getting better. (I've been working with a naturopath)

13-12-2003, 01:28
Do you meditate with it? That is supposed to be especially helpful. and, according to Michael Gienger, author of Crustal Power, Crystal Healing, it is also good to carry around with you..... so wearing it as a pendant is especially good.

I know the stone for its inspirational qualities.... As an artist and writer, I collect the stones for creativity.... they really take me into other worlds. I love this stone!

As for your chakra work, do you have yellow and blue stones to balance your solar plexus? Sounds like you have too much yellow there, need blue to balance and calm it down....

also, work on balancing ALL of the chakras, especially your root chakra..... Sometimes, in our enthusiasm for increased Spirituality, we work on our 'higher' chakras and really mess things up. We have to start at the root and work our way up! This is so important. It's like trying to function in a house without a foundation..... won't work.

Overactive chakras usually indicate underactive chakras elsewhere ..... you probably have symptoms of some sort around that too......

But the best ways to balance all of the chakras are meditation, playing outside and taking care of yourself.... be sure to get plenty of rest and fresh air and eat properly..... laughter is vital!

Hope this has helped.
skytwig :)

13-12-2003, 08:35
Wow, that sure worked on you! As far as I know labradorite is a wonderfully protective stone for your energy and chakras, especially when working with people who are ill.
Also it brings out hidden layers within a person, stuff surfacing. So the effects you experienced could well be related to this.

My 2 cents!

13-12-2003, 10:09
Skytwig, do you think it's because my solar plexus chakra is too active? Maybe I've been going about it all wrong! Somehow, I've been assuming it was underactive... I love doing chakra meditation, but I ALWAYS start with grounding and centering and drawing energy into the chakras from the root up and give all chakras (at least I think I am) equal attention. Actually, my bottom three may be getting more attention now that I think about it. I tend to do these meditations in bed at night before falling asleep and don't always make it all the way to the top! I just realized this! Do you think this can be part of the problem?

I haven't started wearing my pendant, yet. I've just been deciding what to string it on. Do you have suggestions for how to meditate with it?

Thank you for your help. I did recently begin my regular outdoor walks again, and paying much more attention to how I'm eating, too.