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17-12-2003, 03:29
I happen to be a Scorpio, which as you probably know is a water sign. In the Chinese zodiac, I am a Fire Dragon. I have a slight prob. There are times I find being a water sign in one astrology and fire in another seems to split me in half. I do find the personalities of both generally do fit me, but sometimes this is not good since they then seem to pull me in two different directions. Does anyone else find their Western and Chinese zodiacs to ever contradict each other? How do you handle it?

Blessed be,

isthmus nekoi
17-12-2003, 04:17
Do the elements of Chinese astrology correlate that neatly w/Western astrology? b/c I know the Chinese system also has an element of metal...

I suppose I do have monkey-ish characteristics, but really don't.... I'm really not like a monkey. I have to remember that this description is supposed to apply to everyone born in the same lunar year as me.... So in terms of contradiction, I don't think the monkey thing is that personal to begin with.

19-12-2003, 06:00

Just because your Sun sign is Scorpio doesn't mean that your chart as a whole is predominantly Water - you might well be more Fire or Air, especially if Mercury and Venus are either in Sagittarius or in Libra. Then there are seven other placements plus your Ascendant.

19-12-2003, 06:09
i'm a wood tiger, and i feel i fit well the characeristics. in western astrology i'm an aquarius.

20-12-2003, 11:53
Hi, Scorpio/Dragon

"This dish is spicy and copious"
"when you add Dragon to Scorpio and mix well to blend, the batter thickens."

I won't tell you the rest it's interesting. hahahaha
I've got
The New Astrology
by Suzanne White

It has all sun signs mixed with all animal signs. It's very good. Have you read this?

20-12-2003, 12:37
Ros, no, not yet. I must say, those couple of lines have piqued my interest. Thanks for the title.

20-12-2003, 20:35
How can we find out what our sign is in the Chinese Zodiac?

21-12-2003, 00:08
There are several good books - I use the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau

There are also several websites (to say the least :) ) you could try


(this gives you the chinese year sign)

27-12-2003, 20:22
I'm a metal Monkey Solar Gemini Lunar Aquarian and Rising Virgo. . .

Not only does this placment of rooster and virgo make me attention oriented to detail in the terms of a larger scheme, but also very critical like a virgo, and picky like a rooster, of myself and others to the point where its almost detrimental to my well-being, as i can talk the topic to death with my gemini energies (both sun and mars). Fortunatly the Lunar Aquarian energies set me up to look reality square in the eye right before i duck and cover for the disaster that i can usually see on the horizon.