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17-12-2003, 04:11
All in a 2 day period..... Mars moves out of Pisces and into Aries; Mercury says "Enough already!" and does that backward slide....

Ah, sweet December. I read last night at Magi Astrology, (curtesy of my new friend, Minderwiz :) ) that December is an absolutely horrible month astrologically .... that one should not attempt any new projects this month.... wait until January..... (Read about it here: Dec 2003 (http://www.magiastrology.com/december2003.htm) )

So, I open this thread to open dialogue about what is happening 'up there' and, more importantly, in here, in our lives right now.....


19-12-2003, 08:05
Yes an interesting site but I always have reservations about new systems :) :)

I originally quoted them because they claim to have proof that Saddam Hussein was born a year earlier than that normally given - and thus he may have a different chart than that quoted by Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank

I haven't read all the site and therefore I'm not entirely sure on what they base their claims - I will get around to it though.

19-12-2003, 10:13
It is an interesting site, Minderwiz.....

As to the recent changes in the planetary dance... I personally can feel Mars' comfort in his home..... energy!!! Wow!

Something 'clicked' in me today and suddenly I find my energy not wandering around, somewhat directionless and moody, in my head. Today, there was a sense of: "Well, darn it, I need to do THIS!

So I am moving toward that ..... :)

21-12-2003, 04:00
Not to forget that Saturn in in retrograde as well. Saturn in Cancer places restrictions on our homelife, Mercury in Capricorn demands that we deal with what is in front of us but the more able we are to pay attention the better.

Saturn, ruler of obsticles and restrictions, retrograding in Cancer opposes Mercury, ruler of communication and travel, retrograding in Capricron. This is a difficult opposition that makes many stressful energy blocks and barriers in terms of employment needs and homelife. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO RELOCATE unless you have both Saturn and Mercury Retrograde in your charts, and even then the signs, elements and degrees need to be compatable.

Uranus will enter Pisces, making up for the emotional void since Mars left this watery (and fishy) sign , by doing so the planet of individualism leaves the sign it rules, Aquarius for most of the Century. The need for social reform and a total overhaul of how this world sees itself is about ready to happen. Uranus in Pisces will help smooth the transition from the old to the new.

Mars in Aries is a good sign, however opposition exists with the other retrograding energies at hand and new projects are being stiffled. This is frustrating for those who are trying to move their residence elsewhere. It feels like this is the only time to do it, but by the time it gets done, the situation has changed so drastically, and will continue to do so at an alarming rate, that stability will be left wherever the individual impacted will have departed from. Those who think they have left their past for good will return before the next years end.

Last but definetly not least, expansive Jupiter continues its trek through Virgo. Virgos will be overjoyed by the oppurtunities presented to them, but the combination (and competition) of retrograding energies may overwealm them. Virgo is the sign of the intellectual, as well as the builder, but also the sign of discrimination and overall pickiness. Depsite the abundance of energy presented with Jupiter, restrictions have been placed on those who deserve it most. For it is the ones who think that getting ahead in life means working for a big name company or becoming a hard laborer will be hit the hardest as the economy changes to a more mutable and less secure place than ever before. For it is these people who try to avoid public human contact as employment, and that is not the way to be. Labor is becoming more efficient as it become automated, human services needs are being outsourced to counties like India by the previously mentined big-name companies with disastorous results and a gross terminiation of what was a decent FCC by-law: Phone calls placed in the USA stay in the USA.

Where as deregulation of certain services and products can assist with re-establishing the economy, it is the fact that this combination of corporate and government policies (both the aformentioned phone call policy as well as many others that apply with the WTO and NAFTA agreements) that will hit these companies rock hard. They will be forced to lay off workers, both long-time associates and recent employees further focusing attention on the ever-so-fragile economy.

The process of rethinking and restructuring how we see this problem will be addressed as Jupiter in Mercury rulled Virgo will return these jobs, specifically Call-center jobs (as rulled by the planet of communication, Mercury), to the North American Continent. My prediction is that a call placed in the USA, Canada, or Mexico will stay within those three countires. I for one (and I am probably not the only one) do not like the idea that my support line for my American Bought product or sevice goes through a corrupt system that robs the USA (and Canada along with Mexico) of decent jobs that have been relocated to a country that violates the most basic of human rights. This is one of many topics that this combination of astrological energies interacts with.

Of course this is a general prediction and does not apply to everyone, but the energies are there and seem to apply to the general scheme of the world.

Mystic Zyl
23-12-2003, 03:38
All I can say with the planets the way they are. Looks like an interesting holiday. I am going to avoid all people that get on my last nerve...............I feel many disagreements and arguements for people this season. Ho Ho Hoooooooooo