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19-12-2003, 11:07
I read the story on Herkimers and Meteorites. What a great example of the power of crystals.
I am starting to like crystals and want to start using them. Today I bought a Hematite-capped Chevron Amethyst:
The energy of this crystal is supposed to be deeply transformative emotionally, physically and mentally. It is supposed to heal very old wounds to your psyche (somehow gotten to by the akashic records), deep, deep wounds which I know we all have. I suppose these psyche wounds show up on the body as HOLMES said in my channelling reading that he did for me.
It is also supposed to lessen the veil between the earth and the divine, to make you more connected between the two.
The stone is absolutely gorgeous!

20-12-2003, 14:33
Congratulations on your purchase. It is a beautiful stone. Let us know how it feels when you work with it a while and get to know it.

-- Kyrielle

24-12-2003, 04:41
It came today!!! And it's big! As big as a newly born baby kitten!!! It takes up my whole hand!!! I rinsed it in cold water, now it's on the window ledge. Oh, how will I use it? Meditation? Any ideas?

28-12-2003, 07:05
Well, I have been sleeping with the stone (or shall I say ROCK!) on my dresser with the Hematite termination pointing towards me. I am not normally a sound sleeper. What great nights of sleep I have gotten since this stone has been in my bedroom!!!
The first night I slept 10 hours, AND took 2 hour long naps! It has seemed to even out since.
I haven't been brave enough to meditate or do anything else with it because I am enjoying this long needed sleep! :)

28-12-2003, 09:00
How exciting for you.... that is a beautiful stone.. I never sleep well, maybe I need to move mine closer to the bed ;), of course the two that I have are no where near the size of yours.. but maybe a double dose is just what I need.

Congratulations :D

28-12-2003, 14:02
Amethyst is known for enhancing sleep. It is a good stone if you have trouble getting the sleep you need. That plus the grounding and protective energy of hematite...sleep should be good indeed.

-- Kyrielle

28-12-2003, 22:04
Thanks Kyrielle, for all your help, info and comments!

30-12-2003, 02:22
Tallarico.. I think I know how you feltr when you put your crystal near your bed... I did just that and put mine next to the bed... big mistake. I get up at 4:30 every morning and yesterday.... I was so groggy that I had a hard time waking up to my alarm and did not get out of bed until almost 5:30..and I felt like I wanted to sleep all day.

I think I put that amethyst a little too close to the bed. I rarely sleep all nite with our interruption, but I sure did the other nite... slept like the dead. Last nite I had to move it further away from the bed.