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23-12-2003, 06:28
Just out of curiosity, how many different stones do you have in your collection? Do you happen to remember the very first stone you ever got, the one that started your collection?

At last count, I have 86 different stones. Since I have more than one of some of the types, I would have to say I have 109 stones in all. Wow! I never realized my collection was so big. :)

I wish I could remember what was my first stone, but I've been collecting for so long, it's just too far back to remember. Oh well.

It'll be interesting to see, from those that can remember, what might be the most common first stone.

Blessed be,

23-12-2003, 07:42
my first stone was just a plain old rock
it was dark green and came out of the creek
but now, I have all sorts of goodies-
some stuff that is wicked-- like the mineral that they get lithium from.
I have a piece of the grand canyon.....
all sorts of semi-precious stones- I really like my chinese flourite 'ball'

23-12-2003, 09:32
I cant really remember which crystal I got first, I've been collecting for a few years now. Most of the smaller ones I got when I bought the Crystal Ally Cards because I thought it would be good to get them to use in conjunction with the deck. I think my first acquisition was a huge piece of Amethyst which my husband got me about 10 years ago. I do have quite a few large pieces which I have scattered around. One of my most memorable (which actually isnt a crystal)acquisitions I got when I went to Lyme Regis, which is famous for its fossils. I picked up a stone and cracked it open to find three crystallised ammonites inside. They were about 80 million years old and I was the first one to ever see them. Amazing!! Not that I condone banging hell out of as many stones as you can, which is what some people do. The beach is strewn with large broken pebbles


23-12-2003, 13:42
I'm not sure how many different crystals and stones I have.... it would probably take me a while to count, especially since both my husband and I "collect" them.

I do remember my first one, though. It is a herkimer diamond that I bought on a field trip in the 3rd grade (I used to live about 30 minutes away from Herkimer, NY). I wish I could say that I still have it, but alas I have moved around my entire life and it was lost a long time ago...

My most recent addition is a lovely amethyst and rose quartz fountain that my husband gave me.

24-12-2003, 04:09
If you count all the different colors of stones (orange calcite, green calcite, blue calcite, etc.) and formations of quartz (clusters, double-terminated, asterated, etc.) seperately, I have probably between 175 and 200 types of stones, some with more than one specimen. I've marked the ones I have in my copy of the Melody book, but I have a lot of stones she doesn't discuss, too. I keep most of them in tackle boxes.

My first stones were a quartz point and a tumbled tiger eye. I still have the tiger eye. I got them when I was eight, at the gift shop for a tourist place near Branson, Missouri where you could ride a train down into some caves.

-- Kyrielle

24-12-2003, 05:04
Kyrielle, that is quite an impressive collection! You must have been collecting for quite a while. I keep track of my collection by marking them off in a book too, "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic". Just wondering, what Melody book are you refering to?

Blessed be,

24-12-2003, 05:10
I only have about 15 or 20. Most of mine are stones in the natural? rough cut? I don't know how to call them. They are not tumbled. I have a few tumbled, but for some reason I find the rough cut more powerful, for me atleast. (I resonate with them, LOL, always cracks me up when I use that phrase.)
My first stone was a big fat hunk of Black Tourmaline.

24-12-2003, 08:57
Not sure how many total I have...if you just count semi-precious stones, I prob. have about 30 or so. Most are tumbled, some polished, and a few are rough (pyrite and a couple others). I keep them wrapped in an old gold chinese cloth in a wooden "treasure box" that I have sun-burned various signs and sigils (I did it when I was 13).
Now quartz crystals...I prob. have over 100 total. I have one in each house plant, at least one on each windowsill, two clusters in my yard, and a whole basketful under my altar. I go to Hot Springs, Ark. at least once a year and load up on what are (in my humble opinion) the best quartz in the world, at "rock" bottom prices (pun intended).
I no longer have the first stones I ever collected - I gave them to a tree when I was 14.

25-12-2003, 04:00
"Love is in the Earth" is the book I was referring to. The author is Melody. She has some other books, too, but this is the only one I have. Her style of writing can be difficult to grasp, but the information is good (once you figure out exactly what she is trying to get across) and it is very complete.

I've been collecting since I was eight, and that HAS been a while....

-- Kyrielle

22-01-2004, 05:17
I'm not sure about how many stones I've got.
Perhaps around 35 being 20 or 25 of different kinds.
I started to collect them about five years ago but though I wish I had more I recognize I've neglected my collection.
On one hand Stones are a bit expensive where I live and are still found in small quantities. Whenever I have the chance to buy for less money I buy several, all at once.

For Christmas I got a salt crystal. Can this be considered as a crystal with unique properties?

Mystic Zyl
22-01-2004, 05:25
Well, if there were still public stonings, I would not be invited. I have about 30, most are small. I have had one stone for over 40 years, it has silver sparkles in it and no one has ever been able to figure out what it is.