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isthmus nekoi
30-12-2003, 02:41
Well, yesterday I had 2 exact transits: Pluto was conjunct natal Venus (in 11th) and Venus herself was in my 1st house, trining my Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (on the same degree).

Natal Venus is the final depositor of my chart, quintiling Jupiter in mutual reception. She also sextiles Pluto. Natal Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all sit in my 8th house. 8th rules other resources so I bought 2 lottery tickets just to see.... I never buy lottery tickets! Ah, the sordid road astrology has lead me down :)
Anyways, I won on the scratchy one - $5 lol. Now I'm waiting for the numbers to be picked for the 649 to see if the luck will extend to Wednesday (jackpot $5M.... crosses fingers)..... But for now, looks like I'm going to have to keep my day job :P

Anyone else tried experimenting w/lucky days?

30-12-2003, 03:24
Here is an idea just for you!

When the 4,13,22,31 day of the month falls on Sun, It is a Double Lucky Day for Number 4's, born the 4,13,22,31 day of the month.

For your zodiac sign isthmus nekoi it says 9,18,27 of the month fall on Tuesday it is also a Double Lucky Day for you.

Just thought you might like to try these days. Hasn't worked for me, but mabee will for you.

isthmus nekoi
31-12-2003, 01:06
thanks, ros! Where did you get this info?

31-12-2003, 01:50
Just read it somewhere. lol

31-12-2003, 02:28

The fifth House rules Gambling so have a look at which planet rules the fifth - choose a day when transits to it are good and hope for the best! LOL

BTW Venus joys in the fifth! so if you have Taurus or Libra in the fifth then things are looking up.