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isthmus nekoi
03-01-2004, 02:46
Hi miss_apples! Here I've tried to pick out the main themes I see in your chart, I hope it is helpful to you. The italics list the main astrological signatures that led me to my conclusions.

Public and Private
The tension between the public and private self in your chart is very strong. On the one hand, you are very personable, attractive, generous, helpful and caring, especially to others. However, this side of your personality is always in tension with a more secretive, brooding self which is a source of unease for you and those who will know you on a less superficial level. While you can be at times the picture of optimism, there is also a side that is emotionally dark; you may be prone to pessimism and deep, intense if not dramatic moods. You may have felt great restriction or responsibility growing up (perhaps even a tendency towards illness) despite the fact that you may have been lucky, or may appear to others as having an ‘easy’ life.
Another tension created by this is how much you reveal to others about yourself. You have an open, sharing nature when it comes to others, but you also harbour a desire for control and limits and may find it difficult to draw the line on how much of yourself you are willing to share. You may often find that you have revealed too much, and in retrospect, often find the reason is due to an instinctive or impulsive desire.

Sun in Leo/12th house
Moon in Scorpio/3rd house
Venus (exalt) in Cancer/10th, sextile ASC/Jupiter, trine moon
Jupiter conj ASC/1st house, square Neptune
Saturn in 1st square Neptune
Uranus in 3rd house square Sun/Mercury
Neptune depositing to Jupiter
Virgo ASC

Powerful personality
Despite the fact that you may not appear to have the strongest constitution, you do possess a great deal of will power. This will play out strongest in the issues of self and other, especially when it comes to value systems and finances. Another issue that I see related to your private/public self is a tension between being a caring, giving person, and one who is deeply self involved. If these sides are not integrated well, you may risk appearing as someone who is narcissistic, or your caring, attractive nature may actually be utilized by unconscious means towards manipulating others, possibly for personal gain (either you are the manipulator, or the manipulated).

Sun in Leo/12th house
Moon in Scorpio
Mars conjunct Pluto in Libra/2nd, sextile Sun/Mercury, depositing to Venus
Aries cusping 8th
Virgo ASC

You have a great deal of intuition, perhaps psychic abilities run in the family. Channeling with language is indicated. While this is a wellspring of creativity or spirituality, it is also a source of responsibility, pressure and feeling different from others. You may swing from feeling extremely confident and at one with your intuition to feeling very overwhelmed and perhaps even insignificant because of its power. If you are particularly sensitive, you may find you need to ground or shield regularly. Despite its pressure, this is a source that is vital to your health and well being. You recharge from this. You would do well learn to harness your intuition and channel its power towards loving and serving others instead of towards personal desires or gaining control over others as it could go either way.

Neptune in 4th trine Sun/Mercury in 12th (note: Mercury is conjunct the 12th house cusp, and is interpreted as a 12th house planet here), square Jupiter and Saturn, sextile Mars/Pluto, square ASC
Scorpio cusping 3rd
Uranus in 3rd square Sun/Mercury

03-01-2004, 03:59
You have no idea how correct you are...I am just one big walking contradiction. I love people, and I love to socialize...yet Im extremily shy and maybe even unapprochable at times. I have taught myself how to be an optimist, but I definatly have a deep and dark side to me, and I think Im finally learning how to balance that. I have felt great restriction and responsibility growing up, my mother was a partyier so I ended up pretty much raising my brother and didnt have a lot of time to do after school activities or hang out with my friends. I am a very open person, I just dont believe that I should be ashamed or hide anything. I actually dont feel the need to draw the line between how much I tell about myself, I honestly dont feel that I should hide anything.

I dont know about the will power thing. Maybe with value systems, but definatly not with finances. Money burns a whole in my pocket, I cant keep any extra monry around me for more than a few days. I do have a strong value system, that is still in development, and I do practice that with great will power.
Now the difference between being a caring person and a deeply involved individual, I think that I put my own needs so far behind to the point where they eventually jump out at me and say "DEAL WITH ME NOW" and at that point I need to catch up and I have to become self-absorbed for awhile. I definatly need to balance time caring for others with time caring for myself. And I think i do subconscienciously use my caring nature to manipulate others...not on purpose though

The intuition thing...and channeling through language. I have been able to communicate with my spirit guides at a very early age. I used to feel alienated by that, especially in high school psychology class when I was learning about psychosis like schizophrenia and almost thought I was crazy. but fortunatly I was able to successfully rule that out. They are vital to my health and well being because if it wasnt for their great guidence...i dont think Id be as balanced of a person as I am with all the hard circumstances Ive been through in my life. I have started using that power to help others through reading tarot, and relaying their thoughts to others disguised as my own advice.

Thanks you were very much on target, and hey....if you ever change your mind about a reading from me...Id be happy to give you one...because ya know Im supposed to be helping others through my intuitive abilities :)

isthmus nekoi
03-01-2004, 13:39
Thank you so much for your feedback, miss_apples! It helps me a great deal :)

And my goodness, I too have read up on psychology (esp schizophrenia) and became deeply concerned for my sanity!!!! All part and parcel of the 12th house sun stuff I suppose...! Tis a delicate balance b/w keeping yourself open to the source that vitalizes, and keeping enough boundaries to hold your very self together....

p.s. I shall PM you :)

07-01-2004, 05:53
ok...your question is about a class you are going to be taking and you want to know what to expect from the reading...Im doing 2 different 3 card readings...one with the gendron deck and one with healing with the angels oracle cards.

reading one (the gendron deck):

card 1 (8 of swords):
If we're going on the past, present, future context of the three card spread. I get the feeling that you have been feeling stuck in this point in your lifetime, like something or someone is holding you back. And Im gonna guess that this is an elective class...maybe even some kind of personal/relations class that youre hoping will aid you in your quest to discover the power within yourself to free you from whatever you feel is holding you down.

card 2 (3 of cups):
I see that your hoping for some sort of healing from this class, and youre really optimistic that this class will help you in achieving an ultimate personal goal that youve been wanting to achieve.

card 3 (9 of penticles reversed): I think in the end this class will make you want to reanylize (pardon my bad spelling) what you have always thought you wanted out of life, and I think that it is actually a good thing....I really think that when something youve learned makes you step back and look at everything in this sort of light...then the teacher of the lesson did a good job.

2nd reading (healing with the angels by Doreen Virtue)

these cards are messages from either your spirit guides, my spirit guides, or both on what their take on the situation is.

card 1 (Intention):
I just knew this card would show up. This reiterates from the last reading that you need to step back and reannalyze your goals...and I think that this class will help you do that in a constructive manner.

card 2 (self-acceptance):
Im getting the message from this card that you need to stop blaming yourself for the negative things that happen and when you start believing that you can do things...you will. This message deals with your question of how you can get the most from this class. You just gotta convince yourself that "you can do it"

card 3 (focus):
Basically you just need to pay attention. Thats always a good way to get the most out of a class. Try your best not to day dream during the teachers presentation and other things that will divert your attention away from the task at hand.


I think you will get what you are looking for from this class, maybe not the exact way you want it...but you will get it! You just need to believe in yourself and your abilities, and just simply pay attention and take notes.

isthmus nekoi
07-01-2004, 10:40
Hi miss_apples, thanks for the reading! I'll be sure to give you feedback after I have the class (it's only one session - not academic). I was wondering, are there any specific meanings for the card positions?

07-01-2004, 10:45
I wasnt really using any special significance for the positions of the cards. The first reading I kind of used the idea of past, present, and future...but I didnt really stick to it rigidly.

isthmus nekoi
14-01-2004, 08:55
Hi miss_apples, I've PMed you some feedback :)