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30-01-2004, 16:28
ok i was watching tony die on days of our lives today and watched lexxie note the time of death ,
and i said to myself who cares about the time of death ?
i mean but who would want....

just like a birthchart that tells you what you were doing in this life, the time of death , placements of the planets energies in that exact spot would correspond to your future life to come ?

of course that wouldn't do squat to us for we have passed on right ?

a person who was looking for their teacher soul (think little buddha with keanu reeves) could use that time to track it down ?

i also think that when a person dies , their time of death chart is compared to the brith chart in the heavens (you know when they say we review our lifes ) and we can go yeah i did it or crap i missed it again i have to go back and take care of that lesson.

those of you who know astrology could in theory use that the death chart to relate it to their birth chart and say they were supposed to do this but didnt' due to a event at this time .. i wonder why .
and that could jump start astrology in the modern times ?

30-01-2004, 16:39
A deathchart would be of more sue to the living of future generations. Sahkespear was born and died on the same day, so the solar degree was roughly the same. It does lend to the imagination and yes, it is a way to jumpstart astrology in the 21st century by looking at famouse people of the past with their birth and death charts in relation to one another.

31-01-2004, 01:52
Some number of years ago I did a series of death charts for those who had been convicted of murder and executed. These times and date were published. I had birth dates but no birth times. I used these death charts in two ways.

First, I did a backwards solar return chart for the date that they had carried out their crime using the death date/time as the basis (as in a birth chart) for the chart. I then proportioned the time between the prior and following "solar returns" to get the actual angles of the chart. These charts clearly showed the crime.

Second, I ded a backwards solar return chart for their birth date, creating a prior and following solar return chart, and then proportioning the angles between those charts for their calendar birth date. These charts seemed to portray how they carried out their birth potential.

While these techniques are probably beyond the capabilities of beginning and even moderately capable astrological students (due to the extensive calculations), they do make a few important points:

1) At death, we seem to have reached a balance point in life where everything seems to even out. I have found natal Venus in a Lunar Return chart to often be angular.

2) At death in the adjusted solar return chart we often see Sun and Saturn angular, or one angular but aspecting the other. Who we are, how we are limited and use our time might be the symbology at work here.

3) The crime and the birth and the death charts seem to portray, in varying ways, aspects of the theme of social irresponsibility and self-limitation combined with agressiveness. EVERYTHING IS LINKED TOGETHER.

The fact that whatever charts and methods we use, that we find similar or connected patterns, proves (IMHO) the validity of astrology and its use as a "time control" mechanism in our lives. Its like a "cosmic schedule." We don't have to take the train when it arrives at the station, but it is our choice as to what train we take to where. We have freedom to make choices but those choices are more easily and effectively put in place at certain times. Dave.

31-01-2004, 06:44
A very interesting exercise. I am always wary of looking for 'death' in the natal charts of living people but the process of taking a chart for the moment of death and comparing this to the natal chart and the charts for other significant and relevant events is definitely worthwhile.

I agree with you that if Astrology is valid there should be some recurring theme in these charts and from your account there clearly are such themes.

I have seen claims that the seventh House has a relation to death - on the basis that the Ascendant shows our moment of entry into life and therefore by opposition the Descendant shows our moment of exit.

Given your comments on Venus angular in the lunar return charts I wonder whether there is any evidence that the Descendant is favoured in relation to the other angles, or whether the natal seventh or its ruler were also angular.