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31-01-2004, 04:51
I'm not sure if this has already been discussed, but I thought I'd like to see a thread about the different types of Quartz crystals - double teminated, Isis, druzy, milky, etc! What are your favorite types and why? What special powers do you assign to the different types?
I belive that clusters of points are very powerful. They radiate positive, cleansing energy. They are good to have at or near the portals of your home, and you can set other stones on top of them for a few days and they will cleanse the stone. Small clusters can be placed on Tarot decks and left for a few days for cleansing the decks. They can also be used on altars to add more energy to your intention, and to give your cone of power more "push."
I don't like the "Aqua Aura" crystals, that are electroplated with gold. They feel like they've been injured. Same with artificially nuked "smoky" quartz. And I don't like crystals that have been carved or cut. I like their natural shape!
As you may know, I'm a "quartzaholic." I especially like collecting unusually-shaped crystals. I have one that is a natural pyramid, one that is a natural triangle window (the whole crystal is shaped like a triangle), and a crystal with three points on one end. I'm still not sure what special power these have yet. Any suggestions?

01-02-2004, 17:44
my most favorite stone is rose quartz. Mostly because pink is my favorite color plus it is associated with love. I find it very useful in many spells, charms, and tailsmans because it symbolizes love and I believe that love conquers all and love can heal anything.

03-02-2004, 12:10
My favorite is the rutelated Quartz, the quartz with iron deposits in it. I've heard that it is one of the stronger quartz, and often gives people headaches, but whenever I wear my mother's it always seems to straighten my chakras out, to straighten out my energies.

Other than that, has anyone heard of any rough red quartz? I've been trying to find some for my boyfriend.

04-02-2004, 03:54
I really like the natural crystals, when they are very clear.
but I also like cut and polished Quartz too, and those don't have to be perfectly clear!

I love Smokey Quartz, especially. The ones that look opaque on first glance, and then turn out to be transparent on closer inspection!

Hermiker (sp?)diamonds are really beautiful too. I used to have a bunch, but I gave them all away!

My crystal scrying ball is quartz, and has lovely, wonderful cloudy inclusions. It appeared, like magic, one day in my boyfriend's (now Husband's!) bedroom. We still don't know where it came from!

The only Quartz that I have trouble working with is the double terminated crystals. Maybe it's because I have never had a natural one, but only the polished "wands".
I can't seem to regulate the way the energy flows! :(
It seems to radiate in both directions...but doesn't always feel consistant!(sometimes one way, sometimes another...sometimes both)
It might just be my own perceptions...but one of these days I think I need to get hold of a natural double Quartz point!

16-02-2004, 07:48
I love these kind! I have a few, and I always keep them with my Tarot cards. They really facilitate energy between two people or things.

28-02-2004, 08:28
So,,,not getting too many responses, I've decided to post a few more of my thoughts and see what turns up.

Milky crystals vs. Fairy Frost (the frosty or milky inclusions inside a crystal): are they the same thing? How do you feel they affect the vibrations of a crystal? To me, the crystal seems to conduct energy just as well, but seems to have a "softer" vibration, if that makes sense.

Candle, Artemis, or Laser crystals: Long, thin, single-terminated crystals that are totally glass clear. Said to conduct energy extremely well, like a focused laser. I do have a couple of these that do just that. I almost feel like I could burn someone if I pointed it at them.

Generator crystals: large (egg sized on up) points that are supposed to be totally symmetrical - coming up to a perfect hexagonal point at the top. Said to be very powerful conductors of energy. I have one that I call a generator, but it's milky and not perfectly symmetrical.

What are your experiences with these, or other, crystal forms? Do you have a favorite type of crystal for conducting or directing energy?

28-02-2004, 15:12
My favorites are rainbow crystals. Sometimes the inner fractures of quartz catch light and show rainbows inside the crystal. They are fairly common and I've never known a dealer to charge extra for this type of special stone.

These stones show that everyone and everything is more beautiful -- not despite, but BECAUSE of their innate imperfections. If they were perfectly clear specimens, there would be nothing to make the rainbow.

I have a soulmate crystal (another favorite type -- represents strong relationships) with a sheet of rainbow all down the face where the two crystals are joined. I feel this makes it particularly powerful.

Another one of my favorite crystal types is the asterated stone. This is what makes a sapphire a star sapphire. It also may happen on garnets, or clear or rose quartz, and other stones. When the stone is shaped into a sphere or curved form (one of mine is on a heart-shaped rose quartz), bright light will reflect off the surface in lines that intersect to form a six-pointed star.

To me, this star represents the light within, the guiding star that you must follow to be true to yourself. Especially in rose quartz, it is a reminder to look into your heart, where the star truly lies. It is also a good stone for raising hope -- like the meaning of the Star card in the Tarot.

-- Kyrielle

29-02-2004, 15:42
I have soem rutilated quartz marbles, they work very well for scrying, the reflections of the rutilation grab your attention right away. Also quartz with inclusions (mineral deposits that the crystal grew over) that create "phantom images" within the crystal are excellent for refocusing the mind.

And how can you forget about Smokey quartz? The darkness of the smokey quartz crystals facilitates long term planning and diminishes thoughts of worry.