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03-02-2004, 09:00
Would you rather Saturn pass over your sun sign once and go retrograde in the degrees around it?


would you rather have saturn go over and past, go stationary, then pass over your sun sign again, go stationary, and then pass over a third time.


would you rather have one of the stationary positions of saturn be your sun sign.

The same question could be asked about Saturn in opposition to your sun sign.

Keep in mind that Saturns influences take time to cultivate and seed, what happens one day may not manifest for an entire year or more. As well, every retrograde is a little different, Saturn oposing the current pluto or saturn opposing your natal mars would also be placed into account.

isthmus nekoi
03-02-2004, 09:27
interesting question paradox! Actually, one of the options just happened to me. Saturn recently came up to oppose my natal sun and then stationed there. There were positives and negatives about the whole thing. I think, for that point in time, I'd take that stationing option again. Passing over once would've been too short. Being where I am now was worth all the incredible draining of energy that resulted from the station. You get out what you put in, so the reward equalled the incredible expendature of energy in my case. I wouldn't have wanted it to last too much longer though b/c I think it would've totally drained me out.

03-02-2004, 23:02
Are you sure that "Saturn" and "Fun" belong in the same post, nevermind the same sentance? I've had a few experiences with Saturn over my Sun or my Ascendant; I don't remember jovial times associated with them. Just had my 3rd pass over my Ascendant. I don't remember what happend when I was a child. I remember being depressed and frustrated with work when it happened next. This last time (I have 0 Cancer at the Asc.) was more structured as I am pursuing a tarot website and product introduction later this spring.

Strangely, the Saturn over the Sun transits have always marked a significant period in the relationship department (natal Saturn is in the 10th, so go figure). But "Fun"? Dave.

04-02-2004, 01:18
Saturn is only 'fun' to masochists :)

I'd rather Saturn went retrograde in my Sun sign (anywhere but the last couple of degrees) and then went back again and left my 29 degree 45 minute Libra Sun alone.

I don't want it going retrograde in the Scorpio either unless it will station direct before it passes back into Libra.

In terms of transits - I was born with the Sun in the third separating from a square with natal Saturn. From transiting Saturn restablishing the applying square through the conjunction and to the separating square I found institutional learning difficult, more from the environment that inherent understanding.

When Transiting Saturn passed the square through to the opposition, I blossomed academically and did quite well at School and then University but found adjusting to work (10th House) a problem as Saturn passed the opposition and moved into the tenth. From then till my first Saturn return I found career quite easy and began to establish who I was and what I intended to achieve. I got married shortly before my Saturn return, with Saturn moving through my twelfth to conjunct my Ascendant.

As Saturn moves towards my second return the same issues begin to apply and I suspect that following the Saturn return as Saturn begins to apply to the square with my Sun I shall come to the end of my teaching (3rd House) career when retirement beckons.

04-02-2004, 02:01
My birth sun is at 29 deg gemini (June 20)so my sympathy goes out to you dadsnook. Tried as hard as I might i couldn't get out of that rut that Saturn dug for me to jump into.

Relations, yes, i had quite the expierence with relations during the Saturn retro and redirect in my sun sign of Gemini. I was with my family in denver, and while it was an adventure, "fun" was something that I had to cultivate on my own. The true message of Saturn retrograde and redirect perhaps?

Ironically, the elections for Denver, Colorado finalized themselves on June 3, the day that Saturn entered Cancer. The Great Seal of the State of Colorado has the great Mystic eye on it like the reverse of the National Seal. The National Seal was approved by congress on June 20 when the sun was at 29 deg Gemini. The Economy is enough proof of what Saturn did to the faith and credit of the USA. The new mayor of Denver is John Hickenlooper, which means that Denver is (and always has been) a Hick Town. :)

See Saturn can be fun!!

Saturn took a leisurly stop atop my solar degree, revesed and took the return trip back to Cancer where hopefully it places holds on GW Bush and his agenda in the way that only saturn can acomplish. the US went to war in iraq during the Gemini Saturn. That was the darker side of saturn.

isthmus nekoi
04-02-2004, 10:28
I don't know about fun, but w/o Saturn no one would lose weight - there's a trait I'm sure no one would complain about :D

The nature of Saturn's transits also has much to do w/how Saturn is placed natally in one's chart - how active or strong Saturn's energy is I think will tell much about how a person will deal w/the same energy in transit, how accustomed they are w/the energy etc. So maybe paradoxx, you have a placement more condusive to having fun w/old Cronos?