View Full Version : New Posts-icons don't work

21-03-2002, 23:03
This Bug Report-section is great! :D

Another problem: You know the 'V'-alike icons that show if a section has gotten new posts ... They are grey if not, and yellow if. Well, these just work sometimes. Now I've been to Tarot Decks, read all the new posts there, went back to Tarot, and the 'V'-icon is still yellow. I even tried to reload the page, but it was still yellow. And I know there haven't been any new threads or replies. What's up with that? It happens all the time.

21-03-2002, 23:34
This also has to do with your browsers settings i suspect.
which browser you use?


22-03-2002, 02:02
I use the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.

26-03-2002, 18:31
set your IE to always get a fresh page, coz it's getting it from your, or your ISP's cache memory.
meaning, don't use a proxy for browsing and no caching locally.
i use a dutch version, so my words can differ from what you see on your screen due to my bad translation.

go to menu TOOLS, choose INTERNET OPTIONS or settings, it's the last in the dropdownlist. you get a little screen with 7 subpages now.

on the GENERAL page you have 3 sections, look at the middle section about temporary internet files, click last button: SETTINGS, you get a new little screen, in that one in the top section you see 4 radiobuttons, check the top one, saying FOR EVERY VIDSIT TO A PAGE.
click ok in that screen.

on the privacy page, set the slider to a setting of NORMAL.

on the connection page, if you set up a proxy, get it out, delete it whatever. dont use a proxy.

that should do the trick.


26-03-2002, 23:04
Hi Kaz.

I checked the Internet Options, and everything was like you said (except for the slider; my version says 'medium' :D ). I think it was set to medium (or medium high). Anyway, it's on medium now, so we'll see if it gets any better. Had no proxy either. Hmmm... but strange things keep happening to this computer, I think a poltergeist has it's nest in our harddisc...

Um. Yes. Thanx for your help Kaz, it's much appreciated. :)