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21-02-2004, 16:21
Hi, I'm new ......learning a lot so far.....I have two questions, hopefully someone can help. One, I have a baby stepdaughter who has gone thru a lot and who suffers from nightmares......Is there a special crystal that can help her? I usually hold her till she feels safe again....but then I dream her dreams. They scare me so I imagine how they make her feel. Second, .....this is hard to explain.....how do I clean my new home......??mmmm...there was an unhappy marriage before.....lots of sorrow and regrets....does anybody understand what I feel?....(smile)

21-02-2004, 16:51
Hi lunallena and welcome to the community.

I do indeed understand exactly how you feel, having been there myself. I would suggest amethyst to aid in ridding your daughter and your self from the nightmares and getting a peaceful sleep.
As far as cleansing your home, well that kind of healing comes from within. wearing the amethyst will lend you the courage to move on as well. It has a calming effect.

Blessings to you and your little one.

22-02-2004, 03:14
Lunallena, I have found that focusing on a triad of ruby, lepidolite, and citrine I hang over my bed can help me get a nighmare-free sleep. Chalcedony and Jet have also been said to help halt nightmares. Generally, placing a piece of one of these stones under the pillow or wearing them to bed is the way to work their magic. Hope this helps.

Blessed be,

Red Emma
22-02-2004, 06:06
Kind of a cross-over posting to the other half of Crystals and Herbs......Smudging a place with the smoke of sage is well thought of as a "bad-vibes" chaser.

If you have a good New Age shop nearby, try to get a ready-made smudge thing. If not, smudges can be made from garden grown sage.

If you can, find enough sage branches to make a bundle about twice as thick as your thumb, or maybe a little thicker.

Cut the branches into about eight inch lengths.

Partially dry them, then wrap them into a bundle. I usually tie them with thread.


HOLD A FIRE-PROOF DISH UNDER THEM......I usually use the saucer from clay flower pots......then light the bundle and waft the smoke around the rooms.

The smudge probably won't stay lighted, and you will have to re-light it several times. The smoke is the important part, so do't worry about keeping the flame going.

One last caution: BE VERY, VERY, VERY CAREFUL. The fire danger is real, but smudging should get rid of unpleasant energies.

Best wishes.

23-02-2004, 01:13
Thank you all....I really appreciate this.

23-02-2004, 07:30
sage smudging is very effective.
You can also smudge yourself {and your daughter}
tis true, sage may not stay lit, softly blowing on the smudge will send off the smoke as well as keep the smudge going.
Take your smudge and use it like a broom. Start at the back of the house and make rounds into each room, sending the smoke into every corner of your home, address the 4 directions. Make your way through the house to the front door. Open it and send your bad energies away with the wind.
To smudge yourself, this is usually done with a large feather of wing, but can be done with your hand.
Hold the smudge close to you, softly blow on it to encourage burning. As a thick cloud of smoke comes from the smudge, 'scoop' the smoke with your hand and bring it towards yourself, like pouring water over yourself. Bring the smoke over your head.

02-03-2004, 05:18
Well Im quite new here so I hope my first post will be of some use! I would definately recommend doing what the others have said along with the use of a dreamcatcher. I used to have very vivid horrible nightmares but I haven't had a single one (touch wood) since I brought and blessed a dreamcatcher and placed it above my bed.

I also sleep with amethyst under my pillow and cleansed the room with sage so I got tripple the effect! It really does work though, and perhaps just the knowledge that the dreamcatcher will catch all the 'nasties' might be enough to calm her down. They are quite widely available but it will need blessing to rid it of the shops 'vibes' for need of a better word!