View Full Version : Help! No Thread listings shown! No posts accessed!

24-02-2004, 04:40
Is the forum going through some upgrades...whenever I click on "view new posts" or go to the forum and try to select a view topics/threads, no subjects are being displayed and I can't click on the thread to view the posts!!! What is happening! I can't access any posts! Please Pm me to help me rectify this situation as I cannot access any posts to read them!!!!!

24-02-2004, 04:45
I don't have any problems...

Have you tried logging off and logging on again? Maybe restart your browser?

24-02-2004, 06:17
Thanks wavebreaker for you Pm and suggestion of the firewall issue...it turned out it was the updated Internet Security program I installed...it turned out that it had ad blocking enabled/prevent of sending browser information enabled, and somehow this prevented this forum from displaying properly. I added this site to the "permit all" section and then it displayed properly! Thanks!

24-02-2004, 06:50
You were lucky that I recently had similar problems with another site, that's how I guessed what the problem might be!

Some of these security programs are a bit too secure. In fact, mine at one point blocked the IP of my own modem, as a result of which I couldn't connect to the internet anymore. Very secure, but it's rather inconvenient when you want to access the internet... ;)