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Red Emma
25-02-2004, 09:30
In a study group is it okay to grouse?

The only space I have for an herb garden is between our driveway and the driveway of the next door neighbors.......with whom we've been friends for 30 plus years. So the details of where one property ends and the other begins doesn't matter. Besides one of our sons married one of their daughters about a year ago.......for whatever that's worth in this discussion.

Anyhow, I haven't been out there for several weeks. Went out a couple of days ago to get some thyme for an omelet. Not only was the thyme a distant memory, but THREE TREMENDOUS BUSHES OF ROSEMARY! Phht! Skeletons! A few scraggly branches had some rosemary needles growing out of them. But mostly, they're GONE!

I raised those bushes from some little starts which I begged from a friend, then left in a glass of water on the kitchen window sill until they rooted. Last summer they were hip high!!! All green and lush and beautiful. I was vastly proud of them.


In January we had a week in which it rained ice. Very unusual in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.



25-02-2004, 13:57
possibly gone....but maybe not.
I'm not sure of the thyme, but I think the rosemary may come back, if the roots did not freeze too bad.

cross my fingers for you

25-02-2004, 15:15
Your son married the girl next door? HOW CUTE!

Im sorry to hear about your bushes :(

25-02-2004, 20:41
I agree with luna, the rosemary bushes might still be ok!

I have a potted rosemary bush and for several weeks it looked hopeless. Also hit by the icestorm, I had given up hope and decided to start over again. A few days passed and I hadn't paid much attention to it, when I did.. it had come 'back to life'.

I'll also cross my fingers for you!