View Full Version : How does one become an Elder?

28-02-2004, 11:53
By number of posts or by subscribing? There seems to be some confusion...I have seen members with less than 500 posts who are Elders. Am I mistaken?

Rusty Neon
28-02-2004, 12:02

One becomes an Elder by accumulating 500 posts. If you want to become an Elder quickly, hang around the New Members forum and post a one-line Welcome to each new member who introduces himself.

By the way, I'm even less looking forward to my 2000 post Sage milestone.

I'll gladly trade you my Elder title for your Resident titles, if Solandia lets me. Solandia, are you there?

28-02-2004, 12:58
500 posts is the norm, but as a subscriber, you can choose whatever takes your fancy... well, within reason :)

28-02-2004, 13:22
Here it says it all