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28-02-2004, 23:50
Is this calendar from Llewellyn's popular. I just picked one up for the first time & find it nice.

I have a birth chart & have had a couple readings from people. What do you call the chart that would tell where the planets are now in my chart? Would someone please tell me.

I think I will be able to read the calendar slowly. lol But Astology is more complexed than reading cards.

Thanks for any replys.

29-02-2004, 05:16
That would be called a "transit reading". VERY simplisticaly, the planets are placed around the outside of your birth chart in the appropriate sign and degree. You look for relationships between the transiting planets and your natal planets.

You need to FULLY understand your natal chart before moving on to transits (or progression) as the influence directs back to the "story" in your birth chart. Hope that helps some. Or, in a less Saturn-like manner, I should say that it would be beneficial to understand the energies in your chart first (wink)

There are some on-line learning tools (in Flash) at http://www.visualastrology.com They are very basic and may help if you are just starting out. They are also ad free and monetarily free :)

Good luck.

29-02-2004, 22:28
I have'nt a copy of the Llewllyn, so I'm not sure how much information it gives on planetary movements, apart from the ingress dates and times (when planets change signs).

If you want information about planetary movements on a daily basis then you really need an ephemeris - a good free online one is at:


All times are midnight GMT so you would need to do some adjustment if you really need full precision. However for a daily check it's fine.

However, as nikki says, its one thing to chart the movements against your natal chart, it's another to interpret the significance of these. So follow her advice and get to know your own chart well.