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09-03-2004, 23:53
I got a lovely heartshaped watermelon tourmaline pendant from my husband a couple of years ago and have started to wear it again a while ago.

Here's the picture, I hope you can see something in there:

Can someone tell me more about watermelon tourmalines and their properties?

10-03-2004, 05:14
That's a beautiful pendant, Aure. I like the glow the tourmaline gives to the heart.
Scott Cunningham says Watermelon Tourmaline has the planetary attributes of both Mars and Venus as well as the elements attributes of Fire and Water.
Looking at these attributes, Watermelon Tourmaline is definately good for balance of the projective and receptive (male and female) energies in the body. It is also a love-attracting stone. (Made even stronger for you by the shape of your stone, IMO. :))
By they way, Tourmalines in general are good for love, friendship, money, business, health, peace, energy, courage, and astral projection magic.
Hope this helps.
Blessed be,

10-03-2004, 10:02
Oh its beautiful! :)

I would like to add in the book my Melody, Love is the Earth...
It says it has been used in the treatment of nervousness, disorders of the heart and lungs, and dysfunctions of the emotional system.



15-03-2004, 00:33
Yep yep what the others said lol!!!

That is a beautiful necklace, lucky thing you! ;)

16-03-2004, 11:37
Very beautiful indeed!