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10-03-2004, 08:01
I bought today (or is it already yesterday) a new amethyst pendant. It is a rough point pendant and not at all as dark purple as my chevron amethyst. I started to wear it and my headache disappeared! What a relief, since I've had migraine on and off for about a month.

Does the quality of the stone matter? What I mean is does it matter whether the stone is dark or light purple etc.? Does it still work?

Now I try not to fall for a Herkimer Diamond... Hope I'll find one...

10-03-2004, 10:10
Hey Aure!
I'm glad your headache went away. :)

I maybe wrong.. but Amethyst and a Chevron Amethyst both have the quality to rid headaches.

So I hope that yours doesn't return.

Enjoy your new amethyst :)


15-03-2004, 00:31
Just going by what I have read during research (only been a crystal trainee for six months) I have always found the answer to be, no colour doesn't matter. I have quite a few amethyst crystals because they are so diverse (not to mention my favourite lol) If you chose this crystal in a shop then it is more than likely that this particular crystal was meant to be yours, you needed it and it made itself available to you. I've never found colour to be an issue. :)

Kirranan :-)