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15-03-2004, 17:31
I need to find out which stones are best for protecting your energy. I have a feeling someone is trying to steal mine and I need protection against it. What are some of your best suggestions?

15-03-2004, 18:03
I personally would advise:

Red Jasper

I also think that black stones are very good for protection.

C ;)

15-03-2004, 21:31
I've been wearing a hematite necklack and ring since clinicals started in mid-January. It started out because the first rotation was supposed to be with a guy that was every student's nightmare. I wore it every day religiously. Every sexist, belittling remark he had, I laughed at, and let it roll down my back and away, and that's usually not me, I'll bristle at anything even slightly sexist.
Eventually, I won him over, and we became good friends, with me being the best student that he had to date.

16-03-2004, 01:36
I'll have to try to get something with hemitite in it. I have been wearing a peridot bracelet which I feel is also helping because I too am able to laugh at this person that Im dealing withs remarks a lot better and am able to realize how dumb he looks saying them. But I want to find something spicifically for protecting ones energy.

16-03-2004, 02:18
Originally posted by Centaur

I also think that black stones are very good for protection.

C ;)

Yes, I'd agree with Centaur here. Black stones are very good at absorbing negativity so that makes them good protective stones.

Love and light

Sulis xx

16-03-2004, 02:22
Hi Miss_apples,
Black tourmaline
I wear a black tourmaline bracelet when I do readings.
Best stone I feel for protecting your energy and keeping other peoples negativity out of your space.
Two places that have bracelets are www.pyramidcollection.com Item number P16-619
And www.mystictrader.com item number J-BT18K

I bought the second bracelet, it was pricey but it is very well made, comfortable, and beautiful.

Hemitit is also a very good choice.
But, for protection from negative energy, and for keeping your energy from being sucked up and used by others, black tourmaline works best for me.

Edited to add: Well I just went over to Mystic Trader and they don't seem to have my bracelet any more. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find it.

16-03-2004, 02:50
Originally posted by miss_apples
But I want to find something spicifically for protecting ones energy.

I have read that citrine is a good energy cleanser: cleanses all negativity. I would think that wearing hemamite and citrine would have an excellent effect.


19-03-2004, 02:28
Right now I'm wearing a mojo with Tiger's Eye, Smokey Quartz, and a clear double-terminated quartz, specifically for strengthening and protecting (as opposed to shielding). The smokey absorbs negativity, the tiger's eye strengthens me and also shields (it has hematite on it), and the quartz amplifies the other stones. (BTW - the tiger's eye and the quartz went with me for protection to Mexico twice).
I have found that when I have a specific need, I usually go with some combination of stones, and I choose them by their properties, but also intuitively. This combination just felt right.
And I always add a clear quartz to amplify the energy. Clear quartz is also very good at shielding - there is a company that makes BioElectric Shield pendants that have quartz crystals in them (I mention them on my thread about shielding from EMF's).

19-03-2004, 06:46
I have a necklace of apatite, black tourmaline, and rainbow moonstone that I wear when I'm feeling vulnerable energy-wise... it seems to work wonders for me.


22-03-2004, 14:42
I wear a smoky quartz ring and a black tourmaline pendant and have found I feel more protected:) Just remember to keep cleansing your stones

All Is One
01-04-2004, 05:11
I read everyone's input here on this thread and it really helped me with the question I posted a thread about last night regarding what stones to use for protection from false visions (dreams, etc) and how to focus visions better.

04-04-2004, 05:48
I just found this BEAUTIFUL hematite bracelet on the website posted by lark:


Unfortunately, I did not find the black tourmaline bracelet, but I LOVE this one!

:) Luna