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22-03-2004, 01:32
Could anyone help me out in interpreting a part of my birthchart? I am relly new to astrology and I would like to hear somebodies take on this. I have The Sun at 13'15 and Chiron at 13'30 in Taurus in the eleventh house. Mercury is at 2'15 there also but I dont know if that is too far to be in the conjunction. I just feel this is an important part of my life and I would like to understand it. Any help will be much apreciated.

22-03-2004, 03:18
Hi Ani,

Welcome to the Astrology forum :)

I don't really use Chiron in delineations as I'm really not sure of any established meaning. However, you might find the following link useful:


Also, those of us who do use Chrion on a regular basis may be able to give you an insight from their own experiences.

22-03-2004, 03:51
Hello Ani.
I do not use Chiron in my chart readings however there exists some thoughts and limited research on this small planetary or moon-like body. To the extent that this body is significant and that the published and shared research is actually applicable, I'll offer these thoughts.

You have noted having a close conjunction between Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Taurus and in the 11th house. Based on only that we can consider the following:

CHIRON's BASIC MEANINGS: Chiron is an expression of magical or creative energies, a bridge beween Saturn's structure and Uranus' revolutionary thoughts. Chiron is a director, then of change through alternate structures, of applying forces to facilitate change, healing and growth.

CHIRON IN THE 11th: The 11th is the house of the future, of friends, of individualistic expression that is shared through others. Chiron here needs an outlet of expression. The Sun is the chart's integrator, Mercury is conjunct Sun and Chiron. It would seem that Chiron's attributes have to be included in your life style and given voice and expression (Mercury). The 11th house is associated with Uranus -- is there any aspectual relationship with Uranus? Can Chiron find an outlet through your Uranus house?

CHIRON, SUN and MERCURY: Mercury is an energy that focuses and structures perceptions, ideas and the thinking process on a very personal, inside-your-head basis. You can see Chiron having an external role similar to Mercury -- Chiron is an energy that recognizes social structures and perceives how the individual can operate and express their individuality through the outer world. Having the Sun as an integrator with Chiron and Mercury is essentially an "imperitive to take action" and give from and through yourself so as to impact a social segment within your environment.

If you wish to research Chiron I would suggest a book, "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets" written by Barbara Hand Clow and published by Llewellyn, written in 1990. Good luck. Dave

22-03-2004, 05:24
Hi Ani,

There is another book, recommended to me by another Aeclectic member, called Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart, Updated edition, Arkana Books 1998.

This is also good.


22-03-2004, 08:10
Thanks alot. Uranus is 24' in Scorpio. Through the first 20 years of my life I was obviously not on the right path which led to sickness, Now I am striving to learn and teach the healing arts and any metaphysical knowledge. Really feels like I am on the right path but I still have problems with the outlet. Maybe the uranus aspect will show me.

Thanks again.

22-03-2004, 08:31

If you need further help, please post your natal details; time, place and date of birth. We can then look at your chart as a whole and this might help with interpretation. It's not easy to interpret a part without being able to see the whole.

Just let us know if you want to take your chart analysis further.

22-03-2004, 08:47
I am so glad to hear that you are willing to help me interperet my chart.

Birthdate May 3 1980, Location 106' W 25' longitude, 52'N 41'.

Dont know if I did this right but I'll give you what I got

anyone who spends the energy to interperet this will be repayed somehow. I can channel past life memories that relate to your karma.

22-03-2004, 12:10
Chiron is the wouded healer, iVillage has an excellent interpretation available: http://www.astrology.com/aboutastrology/interpreting/planets/chiron.html

For Chiron to conjunct your Solar degree indicates a professin of healing, as reflected by your profile. Mercury at 2 deg taurus means you have the ability to see where the current ailment came from, sometimes with uncanny intuition. This mercury is placed just after a mercury retrograde.

Venus in Gemini gives you unsurmountable tolerence for just about anyone and anything. Some people call you a saint for just being there for them in teh thick of the pain. You are very protective of your friends and family, but will never take any one side.

Your abiliity to make a living is reflected by mars and Jupiter conjunct in Leo and Virgo. Not much else comes to mind here except that you excel at discerning details and making sure that people know what those details mean.

Saturn retrograde in Virgo, the restrictions in your life come through being too analytical at times. If this is the truth now, its because jupiter has gone retrograde while conjuncting your saturn orb. There is no place else to go but up at this point.

Pluto retro in Libra, I share this placement and if you are like me, then you are very mellow and maintain diplomacy above all else. You are aware of subtle and gross imbalances and how they fit in to teh grand scheme of things. Always looking for something else to balance out, and always aware of what must be realigned, a powerful placment for a healer.

Uranus in Scorpio, intense psychic energies permeate your life. There are times when you just know what to do, the truth just coem to you, or more likely, you just know where the truth is and how to interpret it.

Moon and Neptune conjunct in Sagitarius. The article about Chiron identifies Chiron as a Centaur. Sagitarus, the archer Centaur enhances the "wounded healer" abillityes you have with pure empathy. neptune is the planet of dreams, and from dreams come what we acomplish in reality.

The combined Centaur powers of Mutable Sagitarus and Chiron in Fixed Taurus gives you the blessings of the Chirons Wounded Healer energies and life lessons whishc are: don't take on more than you can handle.

22-03-2004, 13:34
Thank you Paradoxx, yuo got me right on the money, this is awesome. If there is anything I can help you with just let me know.

22-03-2004, 18:05
Astrology is a very powerful tool, Paradoxx has shown what can be done with all the planets, if you can add the TIME of birth we can also begin to look at House placements, angularity and the Part of Fortune :)