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26-03-2004, 05:57
2002 was the year of the water horse, also known as the war horse.


But as for 2003

and now 2004

My take:

2002 was the year of the war horse, and it would have taken a cowboy by the likes of Bush and Cheyney to tame it. But even the most resilitant of cowboys must know when to back off. And That leads to 2003 and op. iraqi freedom. The year of the Goat forces a new world view down the pipeline. Sudden changes and questionable motives hits us like a goats headbutt.

2004 is the year of teh monkey, and the key to this year to take time, it is somewhat superficial at first but everything is moving foreward from the last 5 years.

30-03-2004, 00:29
These are good sites to read over, thanks.

I found this quote

"A sword by itself rules nothing...
it only comes alive in skilled hands"

Now is that not the truth!