View Full Version : Need help with Bach remedies, please...

27-03-2004, 01:32
God, I am really amazed with this site. Besides from Tarot, I can also learn about Bach remedies, another subject that I find so appealing.

Maybe someone “out there” could help me? I’ve got a friend who’s a natural healer, and she once told me that Flower Remedies were very appropriate for me to use (she believes they work better with some people, I don’t know how true this could be), and I have been thinking about trying them right now. But she can’t help me at the moment.

My question is: I am suddenly unable to work properly in my job, I can’t focus myself, I am getting “lazy” and just keep procrastinating things. I study a lot and work a lot in my personal interests, but I can’t keep a balance between both worlds! Guilt, of course, is also a problem. I though about using Clematis, or Hornbeam… I would very much appreciate any suggestions.


27-03-2004, 01:49
You can do a search here for "Bach flowers" and read some general information in previously posted threads. That may satisfy your initial curiosity (or merely intensify it!).

Any questions? Ask Diana.... :)

-- Kyrielle