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27-03-2004, 01:59
How do you balance contradictions...?

Here's an axample..

I am looking at a period of time that has Jupiter transiting square Venus.. and it says "this is a romantic perioud par excellence"...

Then, an overlapping period has Saturn transiting opposition Venus... and says "Love and Romance do not come easily now"...

I suppose this is a drawback of computer generated reports.. just not sure how you decide what energies are stronger...

27-03-2004, 02:11
The only suggestion I have is to look at the planetary strengths of the planets concerned in your natal chart, so is any planet in its natural sign or exaltation - detriment/fall. Are any of those planets in their natural house - so venus in 2nd or 7th.

Obviously the transit planets too can be weakened too...both saturn and jupiter are weakened, saturn is in its detriment and jupiter in its fall (some say the fall position is worse than a detriment just for your information) so that would put jupiter in difficulty.

isthmus nekoi
27-03-2004, 03:14
Also, look at the placement and aspects of natal Saturn and Jupiter: how Saturn is placed in your chart will give you the 'flavour' of your transiting Saturn.

For example, my Saturn is the ruler of my chart, exalt in Libra, in the 8th, squaring my Cappy sun in 12th and quintile Sag venus. All Saturn aspects for me have a strong grounding effect due to its natal strength. Most notably, Saturn has brought me challenging dreams and powerful sexual/romantic relationships.

Also look at natal Venus. What is her natal potential, and does she get along better w/Saturn or Jupiter (does she aspect them, have a mutual reception, deposit to them etc)

However, if you feel the contradictions even out, it's like driving the Chariot. You've got to harness/unite them and then adjust to be able to move forward.

27-03-2004, 07:16
Two excellent replies - as Isthmus says, the transits are to YOUR chart and the locations and strengths of the planets in your chart are important. Transits do not change you, simply the environment in which you operate, how you react to the situation is given in your natal potential and how you have dealt with it over time.

I'm not sure that I would treat Jupiter square Venus as a romantic time 'par excellence' Yes they are benefics but two benefics getting together can sometimes result in overdoing things - for example making yourself ill by over-eating all your favourite foods! Romance could be an issue but it depends where Venus is situated, as Isthmus points out. Even if Venus is in the fifth, the expanded relationships might be with your children or with people that you have fun with, it might also mean that you are likely to gamble much more than usual, as the fifth is the house of risk taking and gambling and Venus certainly enjoys a flutter.

Saturn in opposition to Venus could mean it's difficult to get a relationship going, but it could also mean that there is a realisation that eating all your favourite foods might not be as good as you think - possibly pointed out by an older friend or family member - whose advice is not that welcome when you are about to tuck in. Indeed this example, although humerous, shows that the aspects don't have to be contradictory at all. Jupiter urges you to indulge more, Saturn warns you it's a bad thing.

The 'obvious' symbolism is not always the right symbolism and you should think about what's going on around you at the moment and how that might relate to these aspects.

Pipkin's approach is also excellent, the condition of the planets gives some indication as to how effective they are likely to be. At the moment Jupiter is retrograde, so essentially weak and accidentally weakened still further, suggests that Jupiter's promise might not be delivered or that the influence may be more internal than external, or perhaps even be an irrational urge to do things on a grand scale.