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Phoenix Rising
29-03-2004, 20:03
Hi guys, I'm new to astrology and am finding it intriguing. I've got my astrology chart and was curious as to find out what it means to have no planets in certain houses. Does it mean that I would need to work on these areas? There is also no opposition in leo and aquarius, both empty. Is that a good thing or not? If it makes it easier my birthday is 22 March 1969, born 05.20am, Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

isthmus nekoi
30-03-2004, 02:45
Having empty houses is pretty common. It would be impossible to see a chart w/o an empty house if you only count planets as there are 12 houses, 10 planets.

Empty houses don't indicate that the concerns of the house are absent however. See which sign cusps your empty house and also, see where the ruling planet is. For example, Virgo cusping 3rd (immediate environment, communication) would indicate to me someone who is very precise and detailed in 3rd house matters. And if their Mercury (ruler of Virgo) was well aspected and well placed, this would suggest someone who is keenly observant about their immediate surroundings, and is highly organized. If Mercury was more poorly aspected, then the person may be more highly critical, or is criticized freqently. Perhaps even gossipy, or too focused on trivial matters.

Another way empty houses will show up is when a planet transits through it. For example, Jupiter transiting 7th (partnerships) often makes ppl more optimistic towards marriage.

30-03-2004, 07:21
I can't add a lot to Isthmus' excellent comments. Traditionally you would go by the sign rulers on the cusp of each House - so each House is represented by a Planet. Where that planet lies in your chart and its relationship to other planets and important points (such as the Ascendant) tell you about the affairs of that House.

If the House is occupied, then those planets will modify the interpretation in some way, through their aspects to other planets and their 'interest' in the House.

There is some debate in Astrology as to whether the House ruler or the planets in a House are the most important force. However, with not planets in a House the House ruler IS the important power in the affairs of that House.

01-04-2004, 16:09
Phoenix Rising,

You have a real empasis on Aries/Libra and 1st and 7th houses....so self/other is a big deal this lifetime. So much is focused there....a major imperative for balancing this, it seems...

You have a pretty amazing chart; to me, it looks like a healer's chart..

If you'd like, I could add more thoughts on your chart. It may take a few days to get that together coz of my schedule...

let me know


08-04-2004, 10:43
empty houses aren't always empty, add any number of asteroids with www.astro.com and their asteroid list http://www.astro.com/swisseph/astlist.htm

Also, keep in mind the part of fortune, the vertex, moon node, and other cosmic geometry. For example, I don't have any planets in Aries, so nothing opposes my Jupiter conjunct Saturn, and Pluto.

Except my part of fortune, and a few asteroids that i put into my chart. That alone makes my 8th house very important, even if there is no planetary energies, there are some vital astrological energies.

Now looking at your chart, I see that your part of fortune is in aquarius, which will be equidistant in measurment from our acendent as your sun is from your moon (day formula).

Leo is occupied at 24deg with teh vertex, the calculated point of where all the planetary energies collide and create, well, a vertex.

Your 5th house, occuping the second half of cancer and teh first half of Leo, and your 8th house, which occupies teh second half of libra and the first half of scorpio, is void of planetary energy.

As for the moons node, it conjuncts your sun at 0deg pisces with Chiron (another hidden powerhouse) all in direct opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in libra. The oppositions are strong enough to make up for any lack of aspects in your empty houses.

08-04-2004, 14:56
~Star Chart for Phoenix Rising, - Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses, True Nodes

Hi Phoenix Rising! I’m going to call these Star Charts from now on because I loved your reference to them in the wonderful past life reading you did for me! :D

The chart won’t address everything, but it will focus upon some major themes…you said one of your primary interests was Chiron, the Wounded Healer….

As we discussed before, you have a real emphasis on Aries/Libra, 1st/7th houses

Placements of Planets and Points for Phoenix Rising:

Sun - 00Aries15, 1st house
Moon – 13Taurus09, 3rd house
17Pisces17 Ascending (1st house cusp)

Mercury – 14Pisces29 12th house conjunct Ascendant (chart ruler)
Venus – 26Aries37 Rx, 2nd house
Mars – 09Sagittarius49, 9th house
Jupiter – 01Libra11 Rx, 7th house
Saturn – 25Aries05, 2nd house
Uranus – 02Libra01Rx, 7th house
Neptune – 28Scorpio35Rx, 9th house
Pluto – 23Virgo36Rx, 7th house
Chiron – 02Aries41, 1st house

North Node of the Moon 00Aries15 (1st house) (where you are going/energy needing to be incorporated/what to initiate)
South Node of the Moon, 00Libra15 (7th house) (where you are coming from/patterns and baggage from the past, as well as innate gifts)

Part Of Fortune – 05Aquarius04, 11th house


Primary modality: Cardinal
Primary Element: Fire

Final Chart signature is: Cardinal/Fire=Aries

Your Sun is in Aries, 1st house, conjunct Chiron and the North Node of the moon also in Aries 1st. This suggests it is a mandate this lifetime to learn to know and Love yourself and embrace your unique Divine Design. This is the nature of your Wound, your Healing Path, and where you can also be helpful to and facilitate healing for others both by your example and by using your talents and gifts. A Challenge: To remain firmly but gently in your own space despite the opinions and actions of others.

Early in life, you’ve tended to seek to please others above all else, possibly given away power. You may have had feelings of not being needed, wanted or useful and were lacking in confidence. You’ve had a tendency to put others first; to sacrifice self, even sabotage yourself. You’ve had a hard time standing up for yourself (though could do so for others).

Your initial reaction to your woundedness is that there must be something "wrong" with the world that had dealt you such a hand; things should have been different and could be different now, if only...Healing your Wounds and the resolution of your issues taught you (and is teaching you) that your Wounds are part of the Plan; they support the greater picture; they hold the Key to the Gift of your Life. This awakens the Healer within.

The Sun conjunct Chiron is a powerful manifestation of Wounding and Healing in your life, considered by some to be the mark of a Healer and/or spiritual Teacher. Chiron opposition Jupiter facilitates witnessing a larger plan, and is helpful for anyone wishing to pursue Healing as a life Path and Purpose. Chiron conjunct the North Node of the Moon aligns your life Path with the Healing Journey; a conscious pursuit of Healing in your own life and in the lives of others.

Your North Node at 00Aries55 to me indicated a Life that had been prematurely interrupted. You confirmed you’ve had the same sense of that lifetime when we spoke via pm. This is a picking up of where you left off, and a redo of the same principles. The Sun on the North Node is a wonderful aid to fulfilling your purpose this lifetime.

With the load-up on the South Node as well, there are all kinds of healing gifts you bring in again from the past to share once you’ve done the Healing on yourself.

There is an impulsive and somewhat unpredictable side to you that may cause a problem now and again. You may feel that others want to squash your individuality and you could rebel (even quietly). Finding a balance between your own original identity and the needs of other people is ideal.

You bring from the past a rich legacy of abilities to work well with and compromise with others, a strong thirst for knowledge and adventure, original ideas and concepts, and the desire to share abundance and understandings with others.

You may feel or have felt like life is always opposing your deepest wishes. As a child you were under the thumb of a powerful parent figure. Your challenge is to be powerful in the most positive sense of the word.

You have sacrificed your own identity in the past to support others. In this incarnation it is your destiny to get in touch with your own vibration. There is also a desire to control or have power over others; you have that under control this lifetime and (presently are not acting upon it), instead learning about the underlying dynamics so as to better understand these issues of power.

What you’ve come to share this lifetime is your unique sensitivity. You are sensitive to the energies around you and pick up vibes quite naturally. Because of being psychically open, you also need to be careful not to absorb the negativity of others.

You have the ability to allow your fellow human beings to be in distress without judging them. Because of this, you will draw to you people who are judgmental, critical, and in need of seeing the larger whole.

You are insightful, creative and intuitive, and attract people with your warm and sympathetic nature. Artistic and creative too, you need time for these endeavors in your life.

Because Pluto is applying to the North Node, (though it is conjunct the South Node) you will integrate Life Lessons through this node (Aries, 1st house), meaning that in learning to know, Love, and appreciate the Self and your unique Divine Design, you truly come into you own Soul power. (Pluto rules Pisces on a Soul level)

The personality Ruler of the Pisces Ascendant (I’m using Neptune in Scorpio, 9th) is trine the Sun, suggesting you have definite leanings toward the mystical life and deeply explore your spirituality. This is very much a part of who you are. You have an urge to transform and refine your own energy, and the energy of the planet.

You can inspire others with your vision, and have the urge to bring aid and comfort to others. You must be careful of your tendency to help at the expense of your own vitality.

You normally express yourself well, and your thoughts and feelings are in harmony with each other. There is a chance you may have difficulty knowing your own thoughts, particularly when you are in large groups of people. There are also times when you feel compelled to speak your mind and others may experience what you say as sharp.

Oftentimes you may have difficulty concentrating; so many thoughts and ideas race through your head! Communications will play a major role in your life. Mercury in Pisces is conjunct the Ascendant and is chart ruler. Mercury is also the Soul-level dispositor of your Sun in Aries. To share ideas and your psychic gifts with others being yourself and in open fashion is very fulfilling to you and supports your growth. As a child you may have experienced mixed messages in communication with your family.

Presently your progressed Sun is 5Taurus22 in the natal 2nd house with Moon 15Leo53 in the fifth. You are much more grounded and in touch with your true self than you were when you arrived on the planet. Your self-esteem and confidence is growing and you are connecting with those of like mind to share. You have successfully conquered many obstacles, and are feeling the joy and power of new beginnings.

There is still a wound you carry surrounding relationships. Progressed chart has Chiron widely conjunct Venus. Your Venus is retrograde natally and has retrograded into the natal 1st house. It is very much on your mind at present, thus your question about when you will find a Soul Mate…Venus (ruler of the South Node goes direct by progression, Mars, (ruler of the North Node goes retrograde by progression)

In December, 2005, Mars goes retrograde by progression at 16Sagittarius45 in the 10th house and conjunct the Midheaven. Mars is the personality ruler of Aries.

You said you had a desire to be behind the scenes, but were always thrust outward…Yes, this makes sense with all of the Aries in the 1st house. With Mars going retrograde, however, energies will be directed differently and dense energies more readily transmuted thus you may become revitalized and renewed. This begins a more behind the scenes period of time. You will be getting in touch with what is deep in your psyche, and
had been left undone from your past and fully complete it. (You may experience the retrograde motion as loss of vitality at first)

In April, 2008, Venus goes direct by progression at 10Aries30. You’ve been very self-conscious , emotionally contained, and had difficulties with both possessiveness and fearing being possessed. You’ve been in a period where it was essential to establish a relationship with yourself. As Venus turns direct., you’ll find you can be more comfortably outgoing. You will be more ready to try to Love again, and will begin sending out that energetic message. You may be getting in touch with old wounds, so be kind and supportive to yourself and seek out those others who will understand.

I feel you’ll be finding a Soul Mate, an equal and loving partnership. You have been meeting new and different others that have respect for who you are as a person and support your growth. Now and through 2008 you will have likely met this person and will be in the process of forging a close bond.

Its not surprising you are interested in DNA activation as a healing modality after looking at this chart!

Sabian Symbol for the part of Fortune (like your own personal pot of gold) 5Aquarius04 read as 6 Aquarius :

A masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play.

Keynote: The individuals involvement in long-established patterns of activity aiming at the release of collective power.

The individual is seen as having assumed a Transpersonal Responsibility
************************************************** *

Thanks for the opportunity to do this for you, my friend.
I hope it is of use to you… :)


Phoenix Rising
08-04-2004, 17:46
Thankyou so much, so much effort has gone into that amazing reading. I'm going to print it out as there's obviously alot for me to assimilate.
You have definitely picked up so much of what has been going on in my life. Alot of memories(pastlife)have started to come to the fore. Which is good. As by recognising them I am able to work at it. Control issues, standing my ground, not being too self-sacrificial. And my own healing and wanting to balance and integrate, and forgive and like all aspects of myself.
Learning to love myself is the hardest challenge of all. I'm not sure at this stage why I feel I have to forgive myself, must be pastlife stuff.
But wanting to help make a difference in the world by working on myself first then being able to help others. We are here to serve God and mankind. But God also being that little spark of God that is emanate within all of us. "The kingdom of heaven is within" So foremost we must help ourselves, not the other way around.

I will ponder and absorbs all of what you have said. i can't thank you enough.
Everybody isn't Starsongs a talented Astrologist?

Thankyou my friend

isthmus nekoi
09-04-2004, 01:54
what a great exchange :)

starsongs, do you use Sabian symbols often? How do you use them?

09-04-2004, 09:13
Lucille. you're so welcome. I'm glad you could connect with the reading. :D I appreciate your feedback and kind words very much, my friend.

isthmus nekoi, i always look at the sabian symbols for house cusps, nodes, part of fortune, and planetary/asteriod degrees.

Sometimes the symbols seem unrelated or loosely related to the chart in question. More often the Sabian Symbols confirm other insights or even add new or more specific information. I don't always share them in a reading, but if it seems a particular symbol might be helpful and something for a person to connect with, I do share them. The book I use for Sabian Symbols is the one by Dane Rudhyar, "An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases".

Do you use the Sabian symbols, and if so how?


isthmus nekoi
09-04-2004, 09:19
starsongs, I've never used them, but have always been curious!

09-04-2004, 09:44
OK, thanks for sharing isthmus nekoi :)


09-04-2004, 10:55
here is a cross reference chart of sabian symbols for each of the zodiacs signs.


09-04-2004, 11:21
Originally posted by paradoxx
empty houses aren't always empty, add any number of asteroids with www.astro.com and their asteroid list http://www.astro.com/swisseph/astlist.htm

Also, keep in mind the part of fortune, the vertex, moon node, and other cosmic geometry.

paradoxx, this is really true. Do you look have certain asteroids in particular you always look at, or do you more see how they might be positioned in a chart and see which seem most significant?


10-04-2004, 11:20
www.astro.com has the ability to add up to 10 asteroids to the horoscope chart and draw all the aspects (this can be shut off of course). To begin with its really luck of the draw, I go for the more untraditional but accessable names. Sometimes it catches my attention, other times it does not. Asteroid (4482) "Frerebasile" means little to me, but Asteroid "America"(916) (fresh out of retrograde and moving foreward into leo again) has more oomph than others. One of the best examples would be If Asteroids Zeus and Hera conjunct, then this would activate Asteroid Hercules and anything else makeing a degree conjunction.

My best advise is to find a list with definitions of the asteroids purpose, expierement with the names and numbers you want, Go for familiar names, favorite numbers, nations, etc. . .

and of course see if the asteroids fill the astro voids.

isthmus nekoi
11-04-2004, 01:43
Originally posted by starsongs
OK, thanks for sharing isthmus nekoi :)

You're very welcome; thanks for sharing your experience as well!

11-04-2004, 02:32
thanks. paradoxx, for your thoughts on asteroids...and the link!! :D

here is a link for asteroids that is interesting too..


I didn't realize there was an asteriod called America and appreciate you sharing this info along with the number..I'll check it out...


12-04-2004, 12:48
Ther is also ne called Ohio, as well as Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati (see the pattern?) Many (but not all) of the untied States and thier cities have asteroids named for them (sometimes in a revered gender format but nonetheless) and at tiems will pronounce themselves in a chart, at other times hide away acting as teritiary energy at best. In the end there is just too many to be obsessed about.

Oh yeah, there is an asteroid named "United Nations"

12-04-2004, 13:56
Personally, I like Frigga. :)

12-04-2004, 22:56
paradoxx, lots of asteroiods for sure. Had no idea that states and cities had asteroids named for them too...had heard of United Nations but have never checked into it. I think I will...

ncefafn, Frigga would be an interesting asteroid to look into as well. I was unsure if Frigga was the same goddess as Freya, and found this link...


It looks like there are different schools of thought on that. What does the asteroid Frigga indicate for you?

I've done a bit of work recently with asteroids Hopi and Hildago because they are both conjunct the south node of the moon (in my natal chart) and Hopi (with mars also) Hildago (with Neptune also)...its most interesting to explore the themes...

Am also exploring for now these 2 asteroids in particular in other natal charts and event charts. The asteroids (to me) weave additional layers into the missing spaces or otherwise loosely woven fabric of a design. I really love exploring them, and the transneptunians as well...


13-04-2004, 00:04
Originally posted by starsongs

ncefafn, Frigga would be an interesting asteroid to look into as well. (snip)

It looks like there are different schools of thought on that. What does the asteroid Frigga indicate for you?.


I was just being silly. I associate Frigga with sex. :)


13-04-2004, 00:32
Originally posted by ncefafn
I was just being silly. I associate Frigga with sex. :)


lol..ok...well theres an asteroid for everything/everyone else...theres gotta be one for Frigga too ;)


***edited to add: Frigga is asteriod #77 and Freya is #76****