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31-03-2004, 04:54
Mmmmm. I love this scent.
more than flowery scents. Maybe even more than lavender (ok...that's a big maybe)

Lavender and sandalwood together is soooo very relaxing.

Where Lavender wants me to relax enough to sleep...
sandalwood makes me want to relax enough to Dream...

Dream of exotic locales and ancient temples.

Sandalwood is of course, not an herb...but a tree.

Under the ruling of Mercury.

Sacred to the Egyptian goddess Bast, the Cat godess of fertility and sexual passion.

Mixed with Rose, the oil is used in several different love spells, from several different authors.
Sandalwood inscence is said to aid in meditation.

Does anyone have a good experience or information about this wonderful bark?

15-04-2004, 08:25

I wear sandalwood essential oil every day, love it, esp. if it's from India, Mysore :)

I burn the powder sometimes on a charcoal as an incense, it's heavenly, again I love the smell and use it to raise the vibration and for divination.

More to come! XTAX

15-04-2004, 08:37
iirc santalum album (sandalwood) is an endangered species though..

15-04-2004, 15:46
Sandalwood is heady:) I adore it.

Out here in India it's considered to be a purifier.....rather like Sage/Frankincense in the West. Almost all Hindu rituals (weddings, naming ceremonies for the baby, prayers for the new home) involve the burning of the incense)

Sandal wood products (statues etc) are now banned as there are few trees left, but the resin is still used to make the powerful incense.

Sandalwood soap (from Mysore) is a traditional beauty aid and is considered to be rejuvenating.

The essential oils are way too expensive so I use the incense and yes, literally feel my home is getting 'cleansed"