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All Is One
31-03-2004, 19:02
I'm looking for a crystal to guard against false visions.

False visions and misleading dreams.

This is too important to me to go to books, so I am really hoping you of the AT Forum have a few ideas for me to try. I have a fairly diverse rock shop close to hand, so give me your own experiences/ideas and I will attain the necessary element within a day or two.

!!! I really need the help right now !!!



31-03-2004, 20:52
Hi All is One

I have only very basic knowledge when it comes to crystals (learning about the ones that I am drawn to), however as soon as I read your post my first thought was that you should try an "Apache's Tear".

I wore one for many years as a long pendant - near my heart (along with my silver charms), through a time when I needed help with clarity and insight. It is a type of obsidian (if I remember correctly) and looks like a black polished stone until you hold it up to the light and then it is actually a grey translucent. It assists with other things as well but cannot remember what they are.

No doubt others more knowledgable in this area will have some good ideas for you. Hope you find what you need.


EDITED to add:

Found the info in my journal on the other things it helps with:

APACHE TEAR - Assists with true understanding, insight, acceptance, stimulates analytical and precision, clarity and ability to see the truth. Has been used for comfort in times of grief. Protection, removing and repelling Negativity, Grounding, Healing, Removing Pain.

All Is One
01-04-2004, 05:06
Thanks, CreativeFire, I have a handful of medium ones, and a hanful of some with "lace" - would you happen to know if the Lace Apache Tears are close to the same ? I am adding one of each variety to the bag of crystals I'm making.

Good info. A Lapiz would be good too, so I am looking for one. Got Labradorite, Apache tear and a quartz crystal in this bag so far. May need to make a bigger bag.

01-04-2004, 19:57
I have not heard of the "lace" ones, All is One, so don't know if they are the same.

Your bag so far sounds definitely on the right track - quartz crystal would have been my second choice :)

Good luck finding your Lapiz.


02-04-2004, 02:23
All Is One I've been doing some research for you and I've found that Jet and Rainbow Obsidian are good for psychic purification and protection.
They would purify the visions and not let the false visions come through.

All Is One
03-04-2004, 06:47
Lark, that sounds really beautiful - I have obsidian, not sure of the difference between jet and obsidian, although I love onyx and got that part figured out.

More important - rainbow obsidian must be really great. I'll do some searches on it, thanks.

03-04-2004, 07:02
It is a very pretty stone.
Black with irridecent bands of color running through it.
This is a great company where you could see a picture of one.
You can get the most spectacular catalog free from them.

In search put E712 and there is a necklace with one in.