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07-04-2004, 12:25
Hi All,
The end of one path and the beginning of a new one is drawing near. What I wanted to ask if someone has the time to do this it would be so appreciated. I"ll be graduating from massage therapy school on 4/16/04 6pm to 8pm and I would like to have a chart reading for that day. It could be something in general or more specific for my birth data, 6/22/1963, 7:34 am.

There's been alot of planet activity lately in Cancer where Saturn is concerned, if I'm learning correctly from Minderwiz and Paradoxx. The "ice" is breaking up and it's really scary for me but the stuff that's been stuck is beginning to become unstuck with alot of feelings at the same time.

Thank you in advance for the help and if someone would like to do a trade, I can use the practice on my cards in exchange?


08-04-2004, 01:38
Whereabouts is the graduation ceremony taking place? A better approach is probably to do an event chart for the Ceremony and then compare it to your own chart.

08-04-2004, 03:10
thank you so much. the event is in hartford, ct on 416/04 between 6-8pm. my stuff 6/22/1963, 7:34am.

it would definitely be interesting. to have the comparision done. would you be able to pm me too?

Blessed be,

08-04-2004, 06:16
Thanks PG I can make a stab at that but one possible extra bit of information might help. The span is two hours and ranges from Libra rising to Scorpio rising - Have you any idea when your presentation occurs - for example is that done towards the end of the Ceremony, say around 7:30 on or is it in the middle - Whilst I can cover the two hour period in terms of possibilities, it would be a little easier if you have a rough time - approximate will do fine.

08-04-2004, 06:24
i think my class is the second class which would make it between 6:330/45 to 7:00/15, depends how smoothly things go. we never had a reherseal.

is that better?

08-04-2004, 08:19
Thanks that does help some. If you are up between 6:30 and 6:40 you have Saturn squaring the Ascendant which is not that good a sign, especially as Saturn is in its Detriment. Thereafter all is well.

There is some good promise in the chart after then. Up to about 7:18 the Moon rules the MC (house of career) and is itself in the sixth. Normally this would not be a particularly good placement but the sixth is sometimes related to health service workers and this seems quite appropriate for this event.

If you get your presentation just after 7:18 you will have the Sun on the MC (Career) and angular in the seventh - the house of the physician in medical charts. The Sun is highly dignified in Aries, is appropriately above the horizon and is conjunct to Mercury, whose caduceus is the symbol of the medical profession. Mercury is Cazimi, that is within 8 minutes of an exact conjunction with the Sun and taken as a highly fortunate placement. Mercury also rules the Part of Fortune - so good fortune should come to this endeavour.

The Chart ruler is Venus, which is conjunct Mars in the eighth House. This is not usually seen as a good sign, but in this case Venus also rules the eighth with Taurus on the cusp (though She is actually in Gemini). Mars rules the second House of own resources and money - as Venus is applying to Mars hopefully this indicates that other people's money will flow into your resources. However, Venus will turn Retrograde before it perfects the conjunction - so I wouldn't expect the flow of money to occur just yet.

Venus also trines Neptune - indicating dreams and hopes of a new career. Venus is linked to Jupiter by square - not ideal but a Venus/Jupiter partnership is still good.

OK, so much for the event itself - though if you can make a note of the time that you actually get your presentation, I can give you a more exact reading on it.

In my next post I'll look at how the placements marry up to your own natal chart.

09-04-2004, 07:13
OK, the comparison with your chart - remember the chart for the Ceremony is also a chart of the transits to your chart at the time of the Ceremony.

The first thing that strikes me is that the Sun/Mercury conjunction of the Ceremony is conjunct your MC - clearly this event is significant for your own career - and as the Sun is in exaltation the outlook is very good. The Sun also rules your Ascendant (interestingly 11.11 Leo) - with Your own Ascendant ruler transiting in exaltation on your MC - this looks like an excellent sign for your career. To make things even better the transiting Sun also sextiles your natal sun The transiting North Node is also in your tenth House - again another fortunate sign for your career.

The Chart ruler of the Ceremony Venus is also exactly (to 9 minutes) conjunct ot your own Venus (which is conjunct to natal Mercury). Transiting Venus is also in partile sextile to your Ascendant again a benefic smiling on you!

Mars rules your tenth House of career - Jupiter will be just separating from a conjunction to natal Mars - although Jupiter is retrograde at this time, it will still bring some good luck and benefit. Of course transiting Mars is conjunct the lesser benefic Venus - and it is separating from a sextile to your natal Jupiter so your career is being smiled on by the benefics. The conjunction between Mars and Venus looks much better in the light of your natal chart, with Mars ruling the MC.

If we take the sixth as ruling health service professionals, in your natal chart the sixth is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is transiting your eleventh house of associations and also hope and luck. Again this seems appropriate at this time. Also if we take Saturn as ruling you as a health service profiessional it is conjunct to the MC of the Ceremony chart - again what might seem a rather ill omen takes on personal and positive significance in the light of your own natal chart. Indeed in your own natal chart Saturn is in it's rulership of Aquarius and in the seventh - a highly dignified position (though it is retrograde). Given that it rules your seventh as well as your sixth, I would also say that your graduation will be good for partnerships (business or private).

Jupiter rules Pisces on the cusp of your ninth house of spiritual and personal growth - at the time of the ceremony the Moon is in Pisces and conjunct your ninth house cusp - a symbol of the perhaps unconscious spiritual development and personal development that you have experienced.

I think we have some extremely positive signs here taking the two charts together - this looks to be an excellent time for your career and for your role as a health service professional.

09-04-2004, 08:03
wow is all i can say right now. so my profession has choosen me and i am on the right path. this also includes some heavy spiritual healing...going through the ringers right now because a new relationship will never be what i had hoped it would be or at least try to have it be...now is my time to take care of me and my career as a massage therapist!

thanks again. i'll update you on the exact time my class goes up to receive our diploma's.

peace and love,

09-04-2004, 20:08
Thanks PG,

I also notice that the MC of your Ceremony will trine your natal Chiron during the Ceremony. Now I'm not a great user of Chrion but for those that take it as something of a symbol of healing this would also be a significant symbol of your entry into a new career.

One other thing I've noticed is that the Sun rules your Part of Fortune and we have already seen the important role that the Sun plays in the event. Again this seems a most positive sign for your career, especially as the transiting Sun is beginning to apply to a trine to your natal Part of Fortune!

This event really does seem heaped in positive symbolism - Enjoy it!!!!!!!!

14-04-2004, 01:49
thanks so much for the chart and interpretations. i feel better in that it sounds like my financial independence is going to florish. because i've had nothing but money issues since i was 18/19 years old! it's got alot to do with my family ties also, it's like keeping the apron strings around me when i'm trying to fly the coup!

my question is in my natal chart is there any indication of money issues for me? is it readable in the stars? a friend said his chart was done to show financial freedom from birth...just wondering.

i so appreciate the work you've taken the time to do for me. that the Universe is going to be shining peace, love and prosperity on the ceremony, my classmates and myself! we are truly the chosen ones!

Blessed be and Peace,

14-04-2004, 20:43
Well your second House of resources (and therefore money) is ruled by Mercury (Virgo on the cusp) and Mercury is in Gemini, its rulership. What's more it's conjunct Venus, the lesser benefic.

So far that would indicate favourable conditions for earning money - possibly relating to Mercury professions, such as writing or teaching, though Virgo is often identified with service to others by modern Astrologers. Lilly actually saw Mercury as being a symbol of a diviner, or someone 'curious in the search of any occult knowledge' Now this may or may not include complementary medicine.

Mercury is in the eleventh which may well mean earning money through friends and associations and Saunders attributes the eleventh to medicine, so that too would fit your circumsances.

So, are there any bad signs? Well Mercury is squared by Mars and Pluto, which are conjunct in Virgo - although Mercury disposits both of these, it still suggests some difficulties or obstructions in the way, especially as both are in the second House. You will have to assert yourself (Mars) in order to transform (Pluto) your finances.Mars is also your MC ruler so there are likely to be conflicts between career and income. Now this may well be a description of what has passed , rather than the opportunity now arising, as Mars and (natal) Mercury are conjunct at the time of the forthcoming ceremony.

Something else I notice is that the chart of the ceremony virtually corresponds to a Venus return (transiting Venus applying to 10 minutes of natal Venus) - though that is more likely to be significant for relationships than money.

A more specific answer might come from a horary question, along the lines of 'will my new qualifcation lead to an improvement in my financial situation?' If you care to ask that, I'll have a look and see if anything shows up.

14-04-2004, 22:55
Yes, i would like to ask the horary question. Please have a look see for me. Thank you again. Things are changing for me!

18-04-2004, 01:08
lucky for me i was facing the clock. my class and i rec'd our certicates at about 7:10pm last night. if this will help wil clarity of the chart.

18-04-2004, 05:32
Thanks for the update PG - will get back to you.