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13-04-2004, 10:55
What are sagittarian men like? Really? What are they trying so hard to hide?

13-04-2004, 12:05
Take a look at the archer, and focus on his backside. ;)


Edited to add that my ex was a Gemini with Sag rising. I never knew when he was telling the truth, and I think a lot of times, he didn't know either. Which is why he's my ex now. Like you, SweetDreamer, I'm a Taurus/Libra, but with the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Libra. We Venusian types have to stick together, non?

13-04-2004, 13:23
I know a few Sag. and I can tell you that they are really good at portraying everything is all good. I also know that the ones that I know have tended to be the caregivers, the worriers of everything and nothing.... They tend to want to carry all the hopes and fears of their loved ones even though they have to be tended to themselves.

13-04-2004, 13:23
I don't know that they're all trying to hide something. In a lot of cases, I think that Sagittarians tend to be more open than a lot of signs (but I'm thinking of Scorpio in particular here). I know that many Sags tend to be overly honest with interesting results. I do think that there's a restless spirit inside them, yearning to discover the greater secrets of this world. The Sagittarian I dated was a great conversationalist. He loved to talk about anything under the sun and philosophize for hours. The downside? He had a severe Peter Pan complex. I think that restless spirit, if it's never adequately handled/channeled, can lead to a huge irresponsible streak. Maybe that's why a Saggitarius might seem to be hiding something?

Also, there are many other planets in the chart. His hiding something might be the strong influence of something other than sun sign.

:) Kes

13-04-2004, 13:30
The Taurus with Sagittarius rising..
Far more outgoing than the average Taurus.. you are optimistic and adventurous.. you achieve a great deal in life... You have no problem moving on when something stimulates or interests you...

Also, with Sagittarians.. dont be too possesive...

Hope this helps...

isthmus nekoi
14-04-2004, 00:45
Sags don't really have much to hide - in fact, I think they could learn a lesson or two about keeping their mouth shut. Hey, this is coming from a sag moon so....

I've found guys w/ Sag who are also heavy in air are marvelous to talk to, very well read. Their intellect isn't narrowed into trivia so they can extrapolate ideas very well.

14-04-2004, 08:00
I know a few. They all are blunt right to the point.
But either they are caregivers OR they do not want to grow up & take responsiblity for anyone except themselves. Both kinds are very positive.
Sags of either sex I find are blunt. I don't think they know the arrows that they throw sometimes are very sharp!

19-04-2004, 21:23
My ex was a sag (asc aries) - double fire sign.

He was the true happy wanderer....didn't really go that well with me....a scorp. (Mind you, he has four planets in Scorp himself.)

He liked to make lists (very rarely doing anything on the list), he was always losing things, and he loved to read the paper, leaving it spread from one end of the house to the other.

With such a strong Aries/scorp in his chart....he surprisingly lacked "get up and and go" and/or motivation. He was extremely laid back in his nature.

He was very good with words, and wrote letter after letter after letter. He readily discussed anything with anyone.

On the positive side, he was kind-hearted and got pleasure in giving (used to volunteer at a lot of places).

Though I know that you should take everyone on their own merits....he's unfortunately scared me off Sag men forever.....(never say never, right???)



20-04-2004, 00:16
My husband is a sagittarius. We've been together for 23 years - 4 dating, 19 married.
He is a fanatical worker - always needing to be sure he is "providing". He is protective yet gives me my room. He has a wonderful sense of humor, an adventurous streak while at the same time being a home body (he likes to know he's got his little corner of the world to come back to and relax after the adventure). He's tolerant, probably more tolerant than I even realize as I know I can be a "trial" at times - but can't we all :D
On the down side, he has been years trying to rid himself of the horrible habit of lying - they fall from his lips faster than the truth. He's gotten to the point where he usually doesn't lie to me (I can smell a lie like a fart in a car and he finally figured it out, me thinks ;) ) but he still has a problem lying to others. And they are stupid lies, all of them motivated by just a few base needs - 1) the need to seem better than he is, to ensure that he will be liked (he's the only one who thinks there is anything wrong with him) 2) the need to avoid a discussion about a sensitive topic 3) the need to get what he wants. It's the biggest problem between us, not just because he lies but because I am one who will tell the truth no matter if it gets me in trouble or not, so it is the one thing we are truely oppisits about.
He also can be very self-centered and self-serving, childish in that way, seeing only what he wants and refusing to think of what it will do to someone else since that might mean denying himself what he wants to do. And like a child, once he's gotten what he wanted or done what he wanted to do, and it all hits the fan he feels genuinely sorry about it - sorry that he got caught first of all, sorry he hurt feelings secondly :D
All in all though, his good points and the things we have in common, far out weigh the bad, which is probably why I've stuck with him through thick and thin.


20-04-2004, 00:31
Sags - In my experience - extrovert exterior covering a need for roots - home and family. Fiery tempered but quick to recover - the upside of this is a passionate nature and not sulky. One thing very prominent is lack of tact - they say it like it is and wonder why folk can be offended!

20-04-2004, 08:38
Originally posted by _N_
My husband is a sagittarius. We've been together for 23 years - 4 dating, 19 married.

N, you deserve a medal. BTW - I was with my Sag for about 20 years.

I'm just curious....what star sign are you?



20-04-2004, 09:38
Capricorn, Virgo rising, Moon in Sagittarius


20-04-2004, 09:40
Ah, should also mention, it has NOT always been a bed of roses :D