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13-04-2004, 12:59
Anyone from Melbourne got astrology course comments? I met a guy at Confest who runs astrology classes. I've been badly burned by one astrology course already, not willing to get into something dodgy again.

13-04-2004, 13:20
I dont live in Melbourne however what in Astrology interests you? What is it that you would like to accomplish?

13-04-2004, 17:40
What interests me? The psychological aspects of it, looking at personality, why people attract and repel, why they do what they do, etc. Personality profiling.
I think.....

13-04-2004, 18:50
Hi Katrananda,

Welcome to Aeclectic :)

As Nitegoddess said, it depends a lot on what you want and how much you can afford to pay.

There is a Federation of Australian Astrologers which has a web page and you can contact them for guidance and information.

There is also the Canopus Academy in Tasmania which is good. They have some excellent free introductory courses on their web page which is www.panplanet.com, and they have other courses leading to accreditation which you do my distance learning.

You could do a simple web search. I found a few that way but I don't know what they are like.

Perhaps you cou;d also visit the Theosophical Book Shop in Russell Street because they sometimes advertise astrology courses and they have a fantastic collection of books.

Good luck, and I hope to see more of your posts :)

13-04-2004, 19:07
I'm not that well up in courses in Australia, but I would second Moongold's recommendation of Canopus. The principal, Linda Reid, is internationally respected.

As Moongold and Nitegoddess point out, much depends on how far you want to progress (and therefore pay) and what your interests are - and how the course will help you achieve your aims. Some courses are highly psychological in nature - but you might end up learning more about psychology than Astrology. Other courses are highly traditional in nature and you might get a firm grounding in Astrology but not touch on the matters that interest you. The firm grounding might seem attractive but if you are paying for the privelege and end up knowing little more about psychological profiling than you do now, it's not money well spent.

Also look to see what backup and support you get. Free courses are usually 'free' because you get little in the way of quality materials or feedback on your efforts. Don't part with any significant amount of money till you are sure you are getting something that meets your needs.

14-04-2004, 09:02
Hi katrananda as a fellow Melbournian with Astrologer friends I have not heard of any great courses here as yet, unfortunately, I know that people have been disappointed here with their courses.

Perhaps you should think about doing an on-line course??!


16-04-2004, 14:49
Many thanks for the advice, ladies and gentlemen. I got burnt by a course last year that taught me little that I didn't already know,so I'm wary. An on-line course, esp a free one, sounds good, so I'll look up the site mentioned. Going to TS bookshop is also a good idea. I see the ads pasted up all the time, and take no damned notice at all - typical!
Thanks again.

16-04-2004, 20:51
katrananda I think you should check out properly courses that are advertised at the TS bookshop, PM me if you like! XTAX