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15-04-2004, 20:34
could someone give me some insight about my current transits?
I'm feeling quite strange this period, what's happening to me?
I feel like a little fish lost in an ocean, I'm living what I could well define a faith crisis - all my patterns are being tested - and it seems like I've been living these last thirty years in this world in a state of complete blindness!
every day is a 'revelation and revaluation' day (and it's not only the Mel Gibson effect! :-) .

my dates are:

february the 4th, 1974
verona (italy)

thank you for any help you would give me.


15-04-2004, 21:09
Nothing to do with astrology but 30 is considered to be an important year in spiritual awakening. Many, many people worldwide have faced their "dark night of the soul" on around their 30th birthday. A reorientation of energies, stepping into a new karmic cycle are associated with this year. You might like to read the work of Carolynn Myss or surf on symptoms of spiritual awakening.


15-04-2004, 21:37
Lou, you are just experiencing your "Saturn Return." This occurs between the ages of 28.5 and 30 years and will repeat again in another 30 years or so. You are right about all of your patterns being tested -- it is time to re-evaluate past habits and goals, time to thin out unsatisfactory pursuits and recognize the need for different commitments. These strong feelings can last another several months but the actual process needs to be fulfilled and may take awhile yet even though it appears to less difficult.

The success of growing through this stage and assimilating the upcoming experiences in your life will be shown to you at age 56 to 59. Dave.

16-04-2004, 00:00
Lou, Neptune is right on your Sun. Neptune fogs everything up. Since it's hitting your Sun, it's confusing your sense of identity, who you are, what makes you special. Neptune is the planet of ego diffusion, and the Sun is your ego. The two don't really work well together. In addition, Neptune deals with faith, so all the beliefs that you held central to your identity are being challenged right now.

Just remember, it's just a phase, you'll get through it.



20-04-2004, 22:46
sorry for the late in the response, I've had problem with my pc.

Eastarot, Dadsnook, Kim thanks for your comments, I apprecieted them, they helped.
I'll keep in mind what you said.