View Full Version : Aries Solar Eclipse, Apr 19 2004

16-04-2004, 08:50
The Sun and Mercury (in retrograde) conjunct on the 15th and 16th, The moon breaks the pisces water surface and prepares to move into Aries for the weekend. Monday brings the second Aries new moon as well as an Aries Solar eclipse. The ASteroid Medusa will also be @ the 29 degree of Aries making this a three prong eclipse.

This eclipse will oppose the vertex of the moment(ironic since the vertex point was mentioned in a recent post http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24769). This push into Taurus may not be exactly waht Taureans want to expierence. Mars and Venus are both in Gemini, but will not conjunct, Venus will go retrograde in May while Mars enters Cancer in June. Then ther is Medusa Again, this will petrify Taurus and keep the stubborn bull in its place, with a collar if nessacary.

Gemini and Sagitarius oppositions are having their fair share of energy as well. Pluto in retrograde is at 22 deg Sagitarius and has a direct oppositino to Mars in Gemini at 18deg, also where Lilith is. Asteroid Aura (neat name) @ 14deg sag will be opposing venus @ 13 deg Gem.

and finally, Jupiter in retrograde is at 9 deg Virgo, and is in direct oppostion to Uranus in Pisces @ 5 deg. There is a great deal of opposing powers at hand, and the Sun and Moon both in Aries only activates this rather unique set of astrological connections.

There is not a whole lot of long-standing stability in this chart, so Taurus will not have the best of solar cycles, but it should move foreward for them anyway. Venus preparing to go retrograde affects Taurus, Libra (ruled by Venus) and Gemini, where venus will go retrograde.