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20-04-2004, 00:06
Hi guys
I have a question about the present Jupiter Retrograde; I'm a sagittarius with a pisces moon, and I have been having a TERRIBLE time finding work lately..well since the year started. Could my ruler's retrograde be responsible for this? Also Gemini is on the cusp of my 6th house and I know that there's a Mercury retrograde on, so could that be affecting things as well? I'm just starting to learn astrology so if what I've been thinking is WAY off course I'd really appreciate it if someone would gently set me straight.


20-04-2004, 08:03
There's no easy answer to you query. Your Sun ruler may have an effect but it depends on several things, where Jupiter lies in your natal chart, where transiting Jupiter is now and which planets rule your Ascendant, what aspects if any there are between natal planets and between natal and transiting planets.

If Gemini rules your sixth cusp this suggests that Capricorn is probably the sign on your Ascendant - so your chart ruler is Saturn (which is currently in Cancer - as it is in the early degrees this may well be transiting your sixth house. As Saturn has just emerged from a period of being retrograde and also signifies limitation and restraint this might have something to do with your problem. The sixth is the house of employees (and slaves) and work colleagues. However without knowing more about your natal chart I offer this only tentatively.

Mercury's retrogradation is unlikely to be anything other than a temporary issue, as it does not spend long periods retrograde - it only went retrograde early this month and turns direct again at the very end of the month. However, Mercury's condition in your natal chart may well throw some light on the situation. The rulers of your tenth (resources, including money), eighth (other people's money) and tenth (career) will also be important, both natally and in terms of the transits they make.

There's some argument about exactly what effect retrogradation has on planet's influence - the psychological approach tends to see the effects as being more internal than external. A traditional approach tends to regard the planets energies as being difficult to harness or direct - they may express themselves in ways that you don't expect or intend.

20-04-2004, 09:51
Thanks Minderwiz for the explanation...maybe if you have the time you could look at my chart? There's no pressure to do this, I was just wondering. If you're able to do so, here's my info
December 13, 1980
8:32 am

you really gave me something to think about there and I'd love some more insight.

Thanks again