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20-04-2004, 20:56
I have just found out that my trip home to visit family is exactly the same time as saturn conjunct mars in my chart. This seems like an unfavorable time for long distance travel and potentially stressing family time. Would it be silly or prudent to bump my travel dates back a couple of weeks?

isthmus nekoi
21-04-2004, 01:06
As to whether the date would negatively affect your family meeting would depend on the placement of Saturn and Mars in your natal chart. I don't see this as necessarily bad - if Mars gives you a short temper (or other ppl's short tempers towards you) for example, Saturn could apply some restraint. I would also look at other transits in your chart and also the sign the moon will be in. The sign will give you the emotional flavour of the meeting (ie. Scorpio may be heavy, intense, condusive to dredging up old family issues). And I don't think it's silly to find lucky or unlucky dates w/astrology for certain events :)

21-04-2004, 02:45
Thanks for your reply. It is a trip I am nervous about, as my family relationships are rocky, and I have not been home in 2 years. It will be a 12 hour flight there, and a one month stay, so I would have loved a sunnier astrological boost of good timing. Oh well. I have saturn conjuct mars in my 5th house, that form squares to other planets. I am not sure about the moon and other things, I do not know how to read transits, just got a basic forecast from astrodienst.

21-04-2004, 07:25
Since Mars and Venus will not conjunct in Gemini, there may be a background of marriage issues.

21-04-2004, 17:07
Do you mean a background of marriage issues at that time, or always?

Is there a good site where I can learn more about this?

Thanks so much.

isthmus nekoi
22-04-2004, 00:31
I'm guessing paradoxx means around this time. For astrological resources, you may want to peruse our resource thread:

or the AT astrology study group to get a handle on the basics:

03-05-2004, 10:35
Let me explain:

Mars symbolized by the glyph for the male gender rules the 'rational' mind sans any emotional input, it rules the male gender as a whole, and it rules teh sign of Aries and co rules Scorpio. It is known to be related to war (Mars/Aries was the god of war in the days of gladiators and Ceasers), fatherhood, husbandry, and is usually associated with red or pink.

Venus symbolized by the glyph for the female gender rules the 'emotions' sans intellectual thought, the female gender, and rules Taurus and Libra. It is known to be related to child bearing, motherhood, wifehood, and diplomacy. It is usually associated with green or blue.

Now that we have the keywords, lets add a near-miss conjunction. Venus is trying real hard to keep up with Mars, but Mars will slide on into Cancer and butt heads with Saturn, whom is still trying to be obnoxious to Geminis everywhere, Venus will stay in Gemini twins for a while longer to balance out the departure of the war planets presence. Issues of partnership (not just marriage) will be present pretty much throughout the summer and into the fall and winter where Venus and Mars will conjnct. This is a year of change and upheaval, mars in Gemini was the ignition switch, Mars in Cancer will be the conduit. Venus will have to assimilate the powers of gemini intellect and temper it with patience.

The heat of June will only make things worse for the couples who are not in the best of relations right now, and adding in a family gathering will only make them either a)put up more of a facade or b)blow up in front of everyone. Once Mars leaves Gemini though it cools off in Cancer but the emotional impact remains the same. If venus makes it to Cancer then rationale will occupy the ring but until then watch your tounge, Mars based aggressivness tempered with Gemini/Cancerian emotions is not a light thing to mess with. (Regardless of Gemini and Cancer traditions of being 'shallow' these two signs are quite often overly complicated.)