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24-04-2004, 21:20
Best Wishes, All
My S/O just ordered via mail one of my birthday gifts, which is a
Gorgeous "black-crystal" necklace w/matching earrings. They're
small, yet Exquisite! (This is also the 1st time he absolutely re-
fused to tell me how much they cost! I'll admit, I'm just too nosey
4-my-own-good,haha!)Anywho,I've never heard of black crystal &
to make matters worse,these folks didn't even bother to send any
"details"...I'm interested in properties,sources,etc. I would think
4 such a pricey item(s);that's not too much info to expect,I'm think
ing of calling 'em to send any/all info. re:such. Any out there heard
of a "black-crystal"(maybe it's under a different name they didn't
bother to let us in on, or Worse of Worst has my beloved Bill been
"had"?!?) Any/all feedback Much Appreciated;blessings...

24-04-2004, 21:36
Is it perhaps hemamite or onyx? Is it shiny and reflective?

24-04-2004, 23:13
It's really hard to say with that information. There is a lot of Austrian crystal jewellery on the market that can be pricey. These are lab created crystals, one company that is well known for it's lab created crystal jewellery is Swarovski.

Unless they actually use a stone's name, e.g. hematite, then usually a "black crystal" would be a lab created black crystal. A piece of jewellery is more than just the sum of it's parts, as in it was designed, created, etc. So if you like this piece of jewellery don't be too disappointed if it is not made from natural stones.


25-04-2004, 00:35
it could be osidian. Very shiny, follilised glass. Lovely.

Sulis xx

25-04-2004, 02:33
Thank you all so much for replying;
It's definitely not hematite;I use those in my Tarot bags for general grounding.We have one of those large magnifier -suspended-glasses(like used 4 working w/small parts?) & the gems
Are Very shiney & kinda' give off a "reflective" glow. I wonder if I
could get a friendly-neighborhood jeweler to give an opinion as we do biz w/a "rock shop"(though I don't know if it's the same re:a
jeweler) Being he does deal in some rather pricey gems;I guess
it's worth a shot,cause I (we) don't have a lotta' faith in gettin' a reply from the alleged black-crystal party.Bill does seem to think
obsidian or onyx might B it, but when I compared it 2 "The Awareness Shop"(I Think that's t/correct name,So sorry I can't remember w/out it B-ing "book-marked") I just didn't get the "Feel";know what I mean ?!? It sorta' reminded me a bit,except mine R much more polished & shiney ("glowey,"I guess is t/word that sprang 2 mind...) Anywho,I've taken up enough of yall's(Texan,of course;big grin & blush!!!)sweet tyme
(pardon /pun)& if any thing else springs to anybody's mind I sure
will be tuning in; Many Rich Blessings;But I Still Cannot help but be be sadly dissapointed that they aren't what they claimed 2-B.
(I know that sounds perfectly Horrible;and PLEEZ do not misunderstand me...I wouldn't trade these jewels for "all-the-tea-
in-China!") They are Priceless as I knew absolutely zilch about getting another surprise B.D. gift(it's G-R-E-A-T 2B LUVED!!!)& the
gems are Beauitful;but I feel they had no right to get my hopes up
high expecting a stated & quoted "Black-Crystal"Am I just being a
"Brat" or "believing a lie & being d*****?" Happy But Confused...

25-04-2004, 05:35
Smokey, the jeweller you mentioned could probably give you a better idea on what these are, but maybe the best thing to do is just to accept them for what they are. You still think that the set is beautiful right? And it was a wonderful surprise gift right?

I'm wondering if the reason you feel so upset and scammed is more to do with the attitude of the people who sold this set. They should be more than willing to explain what they have sold to your significant other. Hope you can eventually enjoy wearing the jewellery,


25-04-2004, 05:50
If these stones are cut and shaped and polished, it could be a number of things..

If it looks natural like a quartz crystal or amythist, then is could be an irradiated quartz. Different quartz points can be heated or irradiated to produce a color change.

I have a natural grown point of black quartz. The tag on it when I bought it said smokey quartz. Then I learned about the treatment of quartz and reconsidered how the crystal got it's jet black color.

Laura Borealis
25-04-2004, 06:00
I wonder if they could be jet? True jet (there is a lot of faux jet out there) is a black gemstone that has a velvety lustrousness when faceted. As far as properties go, jet is supposed to be protective, and to absorb illness and negative energy.

Jet was very popular in Victorian times as mourning jewelry. It's also where we get the term "jet black."

25-04-2004, 20:30
Thank you-all-Soo -Much!!!
Greetings, Ruby7 I had accepted & Luved t/gems the moment
they were put on;they became "part" of me as my soul-mate had
totally surprised me w/em! You "hit-the- nail- o/the-head" re: the
company Not sending Any inf. & Not wanting to(it was my Bill I fely\t/had been "gypped " re: this (twas his $$;not mine;I was just curious as never heard of such B-4!) Thanx again 4 moral
Regards,lunalafey I, too admire & have several small pieces of
t/lovely smokey quartz.I have a piece in my favorite Tarot bags as
I've heard one o/their properties is cleansing/protection.(But then
again, B-ing new 2 all but clear quartz; I'm "hearing" one thing from one place that has nothing 2-do with what another book/catalog/&/or
online-store "says"! Had No idea about how they "got that way."
I thought all this time they "came"(as in "always like that"!!!;Huge
blush;laughs @ self, as usual!) Thanx Soo much 4 the input,twill
no doubt save me from future embarrassment...Well... if Only in that particular subject,haha!)
All my best, laura borealis! It's a pleasure to hear from you just so I can have a chance 2C your Beautiful name;I Luv it & have always admired it in prior threads!(If it's genuine;geez, you're lucky& if you created it;My you're imaginative!No, smokey; Must Not ask... smokey is much too nosey,just kiddin',haha!)Well...Not about B-ing nosey! I too was perhaps thinking in terms
of jet;it just came to mind(intuitive,perhaps?)cuz I've nothing @
present w/pic re:the 1 book &1 colour-pic catalog I have.
Gosh; I Hope this last response re: jet was sent with regard to
the proper person;I'm on my 1st cuppa' coffee @ 5:30am & have the memory of a toads' wart! Pleez overlook & 4-give if I goofed;
ya' kinda' get usta' it after awhile; Many Blessings to One and All...

25-04-2004, 23:49
Smokey, I'm happy to hear that you are wearing the jewellery and feeling good about it. I felt bad that you were having such a frustrating time over this, and was hoping that it hadn't ruined all the good feelings about receiving this wonderful surprise gift,


30-04-2004, 17:42
I'm guessing black onyx.

Its a stress reliever & helps with emotional stability. Its also a protection stone. But i could be wrong, it could be a black quartz crystal or even a black tourmaline (repels negative energy)