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September Pixie
25-04-2004, 10:22
I have 2 pendants I would like to charge & I worry about things such as incense, smoke (smudging), salt water, etc... how should I cleanse, charge, and continue to care for them? Both of my pieces are rounded, smoothed, and put into pendants.. so I assume they have been protected? Click the links below if you are interested in seeing pics :)



I have read about some of these stones purposes, but can someone also explain about the properties Sodalite?

Thanks so much!

25-04-2004, 10:59
Hi September Pixie,

Your pendants are just beautiful!!

Below are some properties of Sodalite:

It is good for helping to arrive at logical conclusions via the rational mind, is a good stone for use in groups, as it promotes fellowship, solidarity and commonality of purpose.

It can promote truthfullness in emotions allowing one to recognize and verbalize true feelings...and can promote a "knowing" of universal law

It can be used to help insomnia, for digestive disorders, and to balance glandular metabolism.

It vibrates to number 4 and is associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius.
hope this is helpful..

***edited to add..these may be purposes rather than properties..i may not be certain what you are asking?***

25-04-2004, 11:52
Hi SeptemberPixie

Your two pendants are indeed lovely pieces! My favourite stone is moonstone and particularly silver / moonstone jewelry that I can wear. I have never seen a piece quite like your soladite one, it is unusual and beautiful!

Thanks, Starstongs, for the info on soladite, as I was also curious about it after seeing the SeptemberPixie's post.

I regularly cleanse and charge my moonstone pieces (usually each month if I have time) - have attached a pic. I start off with physically cleaning them with a silver cloth, I don't like using water with my stones or silver as it can damage some stones and also makes the silver tarnish quicker I think. I then rub them with a natural fibre, like a soft cotton cloth, to remove any chemicals from the silver cloth.

Once this is done I then place them on a little portable altar, outside on my back deck, when it is a full moon so they can be charged by the moonlight. Sometimes I will light a candle or more often my "Moon" incense. I often then leave them on my indoor altar when I am not wearing them - but I wear the one with multiple pieces every day.

No doubt others may offer some good ideas for cleansing and charging as well, I just found this practice works for me :)


September Pixie
25-04-2004, 12:27
I guess I was wondering what the purposes you could use the stones for :) what you have listed is lovely. :) Thank you for all of the help..

As for the Sodalite pendant, I bought it from this guy.. he has several other stones as well..


The moonstone piece, I bought a few years back from The Witch's Web but apparently they are shut down. :(

September Pixie
25-04-2004, 13:03
For those eyeballing my moonstone pendant, I found it at another store online! :D They also have it in Lapis!!



25-04-2004, 15:16
September Pixie,

Thanks so much for the links for the pendants :D :D. I'm glad the information was helpful too; You're welcome. Great that you've found another source that replaces Witch's Web.

Creative Fire..your pendants are also lovely. :D :D Thanks for the information about the care of the your moonstone. I wear a moonstone most often as well, (sometimes with other pieces) and really didn't know how to care for it! hmmm..don't have an image to share, (nor a digital camera) but I surely enjoyed looking at both yours and September Pixies pieces..they are really beautiful and unique...

I found the piece I have on e-bay from a seller known as giftclub...he has some nice things too..


25-04-2004, 15:31
You know...I keep seeing that rose quartz pentagram on ebay so I think Im fated to buy it. I cant buy it now but I will definatly in the future since I keep seeing it...it just keeps popping up at me.

I have a piece of sodalite that I keep with one of my tarot decks, its supposed to help with psychic abilities.

25-04-2004, 18:27
Thank you, SeptemberPixie, for posting the links for the pendants - there are some lovely variations in the Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli as well of your soladite piece. :)


September Pixie
26-04-2004, 06:57
You all are more than welcome :)

I was also looking through some of my books last night about how to charge stones & crystals.. it's often being suggested to soak them in spring water, outside under the moon with a mirror or silver coin in the cup or bowl you use them in. But what about stones you cannot submerge in water? Just follow the same steps without using water?

26-04-2004, 09:02
Hi SeptemberPixie

You could certainly try the same method you mention but don't use water if you are concerned for certain stones, and see how it goes.

I sometimes use the practice for my stones (not ones in jewellery pieces but just stones/crystals themselves) of placing them outside on the ground (soil) where the Moon can shine on them. To me it is like placing them back in contact with the Earth - where they came from to recharge - energise them. I guess for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere you would have to consider the effects of ice/snow? in the Winter but here where I am in Australia the weather does not have major extremes in cold temperatures so I usually leave them out overnight, then wipe them off with a cloth in the morning.

I am myself still learning more about crystals / stones as I go along, so others may give you some good ideas as well. I just tend to work out what I think might work and then try different ways until I find something that works for me. :)


26-04-2004, 11:10
I would charge both of them in the light of a full moon. That is the best way and avoids anything that might ruin the pendant