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28-04-2004, 14:44
I just found this a crystal I have never noticed before at my favorite rock shop.
they actually sell Celestite by the ounce there in clusters. Mine is almost egg sized and I found the gradient shades of light blue absolutely beautiful.
I haven't really worked with it yet but, in reading about it is reported to create eloquence and promote compassion in a way. Is also used to de stress and relieve headaches.
I am not sure how I ever missed seeing it before, but it almost sang to me. It seemed to be very spiritual.

(maybe it will help me to not have to edit so much..l:) )

Anyone else have this crystal? Any experiences?

29-04-2004, 03:34
I love this crystal!! :)

The first time I held it, I was flooded with peace.... it is such a calming stone... It is expensive, but is well worth acquiring a chunk or two.....

I like to meditate with a piece in each hand.

Enjoy!! :)

29-04-2004, 03:52
I discovered Celestite recently in a new book I bought on crystals.....and I was instantly under its spell......GORGEOUS blue-purple, translucent cluster of crystals.....VERY nice!!! :D

I would like to get some, but I have heard that it is very rare and therefore, very expensive. Does anyone know of a reputable, online source where I could order some Celestite for a reasonable price???

:D Luna

29-04-2004, 04:04
I have a large cluster that is the most i have ever spent on a crystal before $85. The store owner commented that after the 911 tragedy that she had a dream, or vision of a place that the environment and people were this crystal. She said after that she got it in because she felt it was needed. Lunakasha, she has nice small clusters for $5 if you can't find it where you are...www.pearlsofwisdominc.com

29-04-2004, 04:38
I don't own any myself because of the drastically high price, but I have held a large cluster and it is incredibly peaceful...they call it "angel stone."

05-05-2004, 08:49
Peaceful, yes that is it exactly!!

I googled Celestite and found quite a few sites that sell them. Here are a couple of them.


I also found a picture of one similar to mine.

It really is a beautiful piece.

05-05-2004, 10:28
Majecot I love celestite, I got it to connect with my angels.....mmmmm....beautiful.... :) XTAX

05-05-2004, 13:52
Oh TA ... you are an angel! ;)

Is your's a cluster also? I think those are the prettiest, the ones in the rough.

05-05-2004, 14:45
Originally posted by Majecot

Is your's a cluster also? I think those are the prettiest, the ones in the rough.
Yes, cluster and very potent healing stone when placed on area with pain.

Unfortunately the cluster broke in 3 when I moved countries, but I have found a wholesale crystal warehouse and will be purchasing over the next few months many, many beautiful crystals...

*TA goes off to dream land thinking about new crystals.....*


01-06-2004, 10:49
I fortunate enough to have a mom and pop rock shop. And they get some of the most interesting shipments from all around the world. To think that crystals, gems, and semi-precious stones from all around the world make their ways to Eastern Wyoming to be purchased by frequenters of this establishment.

Chunks of Geode-shpaed celestite is available for $10-$35+ depending on size and quality. Smaller chunks are less than ten but are of reduced quality. I bought one for $13.50 and has an almost completely clear crystal spike.

The couple are not well-versed in metaphysical uses for the crystals, but have knowledge of where they came from and how they are extracted from the ground. The products are unique, as many are hand-fashioned, and the service is friendly. Goshen County Rock Shop, highway 85/26 midway between Torrington and Lingle Wyoming.

01-06-2004, 11:02
I just got a GORGEOUS little cluster of Celestite, for a very reasonable price....it is tiny, but has lots of lovely little points....
beautiful blue color....it is hypnotic to look at!!! :D

I am planning to spend a bit more money on a bigger piece at some point...meanwhile, I am loving this little beauty!!!

:D Luna

01-06-2004, 12:00
I just bought a Celestite today .
It's a very beautiful blue and it's about 4.5 " x 3.5"
It's like a geod split in half
There are many large crystals inside.
I was really drawn to it at the shop.
They were 60 cents an oz.
I thought that was very reasonable.

This is what my Crystal bible by Judy hall says about Celestite~
It has a very high vibrational level, jump starts your spiritual development.
It stimulates clairvoyant communication, and dream recall.
Promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune.
Heals the aura and reveals truth.
There is a deep inner peace with this stone...
Imparts gentle strength, peaceful negotiation, maintains a harmonious atmosphere in times of stress.
Celestite is a creative stone useful for the arts.
Wonderful to use during meditation.
Healer and opener of the throat chakra
Used to treat disorders of the eyes and ears.
Rises the vibrational level of any room it is placed in.
Be careful to keep it out of direct sunlight the color can fade.

01-06-2004, 13:01
THANKS lark!!!

I have only had my celestite for a few days now....and I am very happy just to look at it or hold it in my hand. It is very lovely, soothing....very positive energy!!!

I have thought about carrying it with me, in my pocket, but....am afraid of damaging it...some of the crystal points look very delicate.

Does anyone have any experience with this???

Meaning, do I need to worry about chipping or crushing it if I keep it in my pants pocket??? :eek:

:D Luna

01-06-2004, 19:24
It is amazingly timely that this thread has popped up as I was reading through one of my crystal books last night looking for something that will help with dream recall. I was very interested in celestite (and the beautiful piece shown in the book!), so thanks for the info everyone has posted. I will try my local crystal shop next time I am there to see if they have any.

Some other interesting info from the "Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies" book by S & S Lilly:

Celestite is also known as celestine (SrSO4), is a soft blue or grey mineral that has been used for centuries as an ingredient in fireworks and rescue flares.

Celestite has an uplifting, calming and expansive quality, making it good for contemplation and meditation. It is effective for balancing the throat chakra. The ethereal quality of celestite crystals often helps the mind to travel beyond its normal perspective, promotingl inspiration and intuitive leaps.

Celestite is easily damaged as it is very soft, so keep it away from harder stones in a collection.


14-06-2004, 14:25
Hi Luna

I actually had a small peice come off of mine in transport home from the store. And then later on as well. I am very careful with it now and it sits by my bed. I don't dare carry it with me. Maybe some day I will find a polished stone that I can carry. (or maybe it is too soft to polish?)

But for now I will be content holding gingerly.

14-06-2004, 14:33
Originally posted by Majecot
Hi Luna

I actually had a small peice come off of mine in transport home from the store. And then later on as well. I am very careful with it now and it sits by my bed. I don't dare carry it with me. Maybe some day I will find a polished stone that I can carry. (or maybe it is too soft to polish?)

But for now I will be content holding gingerly.

Thanks Majecot....

I had a feeling that this might happen...which is why I have not attempted to carry it with me yet...and like you, I keep my Celestite next to my bed, centered in a bowl filled with clear quartz and selenite....wonderful energy for sleep and dreams!

I agree....it would be nice to have a polished stone to carry....

:) Luna

24-06-2004, 12:09
I have a semi-polished celestite. The top is open, like a geode, with points inside. The bottom and lower sides have been shaped into an egg and polished. It is about the size of a regular hen's egg so it is a little large for pocket use.

I have never seen tumbled celestite, but I suppose it can be done. You wouldn't get all the lovely sparkly points though.

If points have come off your larger piece, you could put them in a cloth pouch and carry them with you. Otherwise this is not a very portable stone.

But I do love it. I just bought a new, very beautiful piece of it today. It is very calming and sparkly.

-- Kyrielle