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isthmus nekoi
13-05-2004, 00:01
You've probably always read about constructive Saturn transits as the ones that "taught you a lesson" or "made you stronger through adversity" etc. But what about the quieter Saturnian changes in your life that haven't been of the profound, gut wrenching, life shaking kind?

personal examples:

Saturn in 5th opposition Neptune - spent a *month* writing papers and sucessfully handed them in on time. No daydreaming or procrastination through socializing.

Saturn enters 6th house - sudden interest in the treatment of animals, and conscious decision to attempt to eat only organic/free range meat products.

from my sister:

Saturn conj 3rd house Cancer Sun - acceptance letters and scholarships to post secondary schools begin to pour in.

from my bf:

Saturn conj 7th house Cancer Sun - he met me! lol.

14-05-2004, 09:12
Is this based upon your natal chart?
Just wondering how I do this..

14-05-2004, 09:24
Not for me...as a Capricorn, Saturn is my ruling planet, and in opposition to my MC, so when I have a Saturn return, it sucks!

isthmus nekoi
17-05-2004, 01:42
lol, am I the only one who sees the great malific having milder effects??

purplefishy, yes your natal chart is key in understanding Saturn transits. You can try to find when Saturn was aspecting any natal planets and try to remember what was going on in your life during that time.

DeLani, I'm also a Cappy sun and Aquarius ASC making Saturn a strong chart ruler. Factor in his exaltation in Libra and his square to natal sun and he is a powerful presence in my chart indeed!

18-05-2004, 07:39
Saturn is currently transiting my 9th house which contains my moon in Cancer. I'm not sure which type of an aspect this makes to my natal Saturn in Virgo, so the closest interpretation I can come up with is one of the general house and planet. 9th house has much to do with philosophy, travel, religion, and law- I did jut begin work for a lawyer. Hmm. that's about all i can come up with for now.

20-05-2004, 05:40
Is it surprising that there are so few positive events or experiences relating to Saturn? Everyone blocks "old doom and gloom" out of their minds.

My Saturn is in the 10th (Pisces) opposing Neptune/Sun and squaring Jupiter in the 6th (Sag). It is also in a yod with Mars in the 3rd (Leo) and Mercury in the 5th (Libra). It is this latter aspect pattern that is so easy to relate to. Whenever this yod is triggered I seem to start a creative or writing project. I consider that positive as it helped me greatly in my many jobs.

The T-square seems to be more "big picture" oriented and does not often connect so clearly with events -- too many heavy planets involved. Dave.

25-05-2004, 08:14
Here's what astrologyzone has to say about this month's Saturn transit for my sign particularly (pisces).

"With Saturn in your fifth house, it appears you will be given an opportunity to show off your creativity in some meaningful way."


"Romantically, you are known to be a sentimental soul, but with Saturn in your solar fifth house since June 2003, if you are single, you have become quite practical and realistic about the people you date. You won't likely continue to spend time with someone who is "sort of right" for you any more. Saturn rules time, and suddenly you want your time to count for a solid future. You are becoming more discriminating and self-aware - all good things because that's when the right person inevitably comes your way."

"In early May, Saturn will be in almost constant communication with Jupiter. This will bring you an opportunity to build a solid foundation together for the future. See what happens as the month begins and note of any important discussion or episode results. It could tell you which way this relationship is going."

I am usually suspicious of general sign readings, but this one is particularly interesting to me for some reason.