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14-05-2004, 16:17
I laughed when I was reading one of my crystal/gem books. In all the time that I've been into crystals & the fact that amethyst is my all time favourite gemI didn't realise what its name meant. I knew it was worn to protect oneself of the effects of alcohol. Silly Minx.

Here's a few;

Amethyst (greek) - not drunk
Aquamarine (latin) (pretty obvious)- Water from the sea
Tourmaline - Hard rocks
Agate was given its name as she is a gem that is banded.
Jasper (greek)- a stone that is spotted
Diamond (latin) lover of god
Garnet (Latin) - like seeds
Turquoise - to the Atlanteans & American Indians represents the sky. Man is a creature of spirit rather than flesh & Turquioise was seen as the breath of life & spirit. (Very interesting)
Lapis Lazuli - (derived from both Latin & Arabic) - blue stone

14-05-2004, 20:05
Hey Minx,

Interesting. Thanx for posting. I love Amethyst too, and I think that the story of Amethyst is a wonderful one... the idea of a person encased in an Amethyst coloured rock is quite disturbing and enchanting. :)