View Full Version : blurry...is it just me?

15-05-2004, 13:02
I just noticed something recently...and I'm wondering if it is just my computer...or something else...

I have noticed that old attatchments are really blurry and pixalated.
Is this a result of the changes being made to the site?

I actually noticed it first when I was looking athrough the thread I posted of my own tarot card images. So, I was wondering if maybe they were pixalated on purpose because of the recent threads on copyrights...(which I don't actually mind...if this the case...)

But I also noticed that when I have attempted to upload a new avatar image...that too is so blurry that it is impossible to see what the image is.

So...is it just me? Or is there some validity to my query? :)

16-05-2004, 21:06
Hi Chronata,

For your avatar, make sure the image you are uploading is no bigger than 40 x 40 pixels in size, otherwise the image will be compressed and look blurry.

As for the old attachments, they should be visible just like more recent attachments (and were when I checked a few threads). What browser and operating system are you using, and can you point me directly to a thread where the images are pixelated? Thanks :)

~ Solandia

16-05-2004, 23:21
Thanks so much Solandia!

I checked the thread in question again (after a week of not looking at it!) and everything looks back to normal again!

As do all other attachments as well!

I'm wondering if it wasn't just my computer...and not the site at all...

I'm pretty sure that the reason my possible new avatar looks so blurry is because it is a small file to begin with, and shrinking it down to the even smaller size I imagine doesn't help!

Thanks again Solandia! :)