View Full Version : Mars and Jupiter plus the moon void of course

24-05-2004, 04:07
Aggressive mars and pushy Saturn make their conjunction today (may 23, 24) during the time when the moon is void of course. All of this is happening in Cancer, the sensitive sign of the homebody as well as the body of the home.

Issues of security will be at the front of everyones mind, and with asteroids America and Union at 10 and 20 degrees of Leo, the color alert system will be raised to the leo color of orange.

All of this accented by Pluto in Sagitarius in retrograde, and it opposes the Gemini Lilith that is the dark moon (apparently there are three, im using the one from www.astro.com s free chart. Both bodies are at 21 degrees of their current signs.

Asteroid Drakonia is also in retrograde in Sagitarius and is opposing Venus in Gemini, both at 25 degrees. This polarization between intellect and philisophy is charging us to understand ourselves better so that we can make the right decision when they really matter.

Another powerful opposition of asteroids is Atlantis at 1 virgo and Zeus at 1 pisces. While somewhat more obscure, the names activate the energies that are at hand, which are very blunt and simple: Rulership (Zeus) and nationalism (Atlantis) have taken their 10 paces and are ready to duel. This is reflected by the growing schisms between ideaologies present in politics and the citizens of every continent.

The moon void of course will instantly conjunct Ceres as it enters Leo, Ceres recently entered leo demanding that a stronger stance of leadership is expected in regards to food, health and safety, and the preservation of natural resources. Strong effects and powerful oppositions make late may and early june a time to beware of crafty manipulations and sublte details. Now is not the time to let anything slip through the cracks.

28-05-2004, 16:56
Uranus (in pisces) and Jupiter (in Virgo) continue to oppsose one another, this enhances our dreams and fortunes, quite often combined. Uranus trines mars and saturn right now, and this will affect everyone differently. Homelife and family ties will be focused on, and underground secrets will quietly be brought to the surface to be weeded away by the big weed-killer pluto in sagitarius engaging its retrograde movements with ease.

29-05-2004, 02:55
Thanks, paradoxx..... I definitely felt the Cancerian 'squeeze' on the 23rd!

Saturn has taught me the grace of slooooooowwww like I never expected to learn...... :laugh: Going with the astrological 'tides' is quite a ride!